Park Rapids voters had 80 percent turnout

A total of 2,054 Park Rapids residents voted, including 1,203 absentee and mail ballots, out of 2,550 registered voters.

Park Rapids City Hall

Approximately 80 percent of registered voters in the city voted in the November elections.

The Park Rapids City Council on Friday canvassed the final results of the Nov. 3 city elections.

Absent Mayor Ryan Leckner, council member Erika Randall chaired the meeting and City Clerk Margie Vik swore in the council members as the city canvass board.

The abstract provided to the canvass board showed that 2,352 voters had registered within the city as of 7 a.m. on Nov. 3, and another 198 registered that day. A total of 1,203 regular, military and overseas absentee ballots and mail ballots were accepted, and 2,054 people voted.

According to the final vote tallies provided by the Hubbard County Auditor’s Office, Leckner was elected to a second two-year term as mayor with 628 votes in city precinct 1 and 1,093 in precinct 2, a total of 1,721, versus 19 write-in votes.


Liz Stone was elected to another four years on the city council with 536 votes in precinct 1 and 911 in precinct 2, a total of 1,447 votes.

Council member Bob Wills had served two years on the council since filling Leckner’s seat when he became mayor. Wills was elected to a full four-year term with 431 votes from precinct 1 and 737 from precinct 2, a total of 1,168 votes.

There were also 21 write-ins for the city council. Vik said no single name received more than one or two write-in votes.

Council member Tom Conway moved to approve the election results. The motion passed unanimously.

Robin Fish is a staff reporter at the Park Rapids Enterprise. Contact him at or 218-252-3053.
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