Park Rapids School Board calls bond election

The school district is making a third run at accomplishing school facility improvement goals through a voter-approved bond.


The Park Rapids School Board approved a resolution Monday, Aug. 9 calling a special election on Nov. 2, for the purpose of issuing school building bonds.

The resolution calls it “necessary and expedient” to borrow up to $51.65 million to carry out the following school improvements, subject to voter approval of Question 1 of a special school district election.

  • Additions and renovations to the high school to create classrooms for grades 7-9 and spaces for the career and technical education, art and alternative learning programs.

  • Remodeling and improving the high school’s existing classrooms, auditorium, media center and restrooms.

  • Construction and remodeling to create secure entrances and early childhood classrooms at Century School.

  • Building and equipping a new bus garage and parking, playground and safety improvements.

The resolution is contingent on a review and comment requested from the state commissioner of education, and it requires that the review and comment be published 20-60 days before the election and discussed at a special school board meeting.

Board member Stephanie Carlson moved to adopt the resolution, and the motion was passed by a unanimous, roll-call vote.


A ballot question requesting authorization to issue $59.8 million in school building bonds narrowly failed in a special election on April 13. A similar proposal, divided into two ballot questions, also failed on Nov. 3, 2020.

Superintendent Lance Bagstad reported that more than 40 staff members attended a meeting in mid-July to discuss the school improvement project, including the grade realignment sought by moving grades 7-8 from Century School to the improved high school.

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