Panthers coast to easy win over Cardinals

The Park Rapids girls swimming and diving team clocked 19 season-best times in Thursday night's 92-65 victory over Staples-Motley at the Area High School pool.

The Park Rapids girls swimming and diving team clocked 19 season-best times in Thursday night's 92-65 victory over Staples-Motley at the Area High School pool.

Park Rapids won seven of the first eight events before swimming exhibition in the final four events to improve to 5-1-1 in dual meets this season.

Kyja Penning, Alexa Zunich-Andersen, Abby Hanson and Mandy Schirmers opened the meet by winning the 200-yard medley relay.

Hannah Williams, Taylor Ondracek and Zunich-Andersen all had season bests in the 200 freestyle before Katherine Erickson, Allycia Zinke and Emily Creager followed with season bests in the 200 individual medley.

Leah Meinert won the 50 freestyle and Abby Hanson followed with a season-best time.


After Penning took first in diving, Schirmers and Missy Haas clocked season bests in the 100 butterfly.

Penning also took first in the 100 freestyle and joined Ondracek and Hanson with season bests in that event. Erickson, Zunich-Andersen and Nicole Knott clocked season bests in the 500 freestyle as the Panthers held a 92-22 advantage.

The Panthers ended the meet by swimming exhibition. Haas and Schirmers had season bests in the 100 backstroke while Meinert, Williams and Creager clocked season bests in the 100 breaststroke.

"The girls swam pretty well," said Park Rapids head coach Todd Fritze. "The girls are a little tired, but they continue to work hard."

Park Rapids will host Detroit Lakes Thursday night in a Mid-State Conference meet.

Park Rapids 92, Staples-Motley 65

200 medley relay: 1, Park Rapids (Penning, Zunich-Andersen, Hanson, Schirmers), 2:13.47. Park Rapids (Knott, Williams, K. Erickson, Creager), 2:16.06. 3, Staples, 2:21.42.

200 freestyle: 1, Branchaud, SM, 2:21.05. 2, Williams, PR, 2:25.58. 3, Ondracek, PR, 2:25.62. 4, Zunich-Andersen, PR, 2:26.46.


200 individual medley: 1, K. Erickson, PR, 2:40.50. 2, Zinke, PR, 2:41.98. 3, Creager, PR, 2:46.29.

50 freestyle: 1, Meinert, PR, 28.54. 2, Hanson, PR, 30.58. 3, Givans, SM, 31.34. 4, K. Iverson, SM, 31.40. 5, L. Iverson, SM, 32.83.

Diving: 1, Penning, PR, 195.10 points. 2, Hoffman, PR, 113.80. 3, Andersen, PR, 111.30.

100 butterfly: 1, Schirmers, PR, 1:16.79. 2, Haas, PR, 1:17.93. 3, Knott, PR, 1:27.84.

100 freestyle: 1, Penning, PR, 1:02.37. 2, Beachy, SM, 1:03.68. 3, Ondracek, PR, 1:05.57. 4, Hanson, PR, 1:06.97.

500 freestyle: 1, K. Erickson, PR, 6:13.89. 2, Branchaud, SM, 6:24.22. 3, Zunich-Andersen, PR, 6:25.36. 4, Knott, PR, 7:22.05.

200 freestyle relay: 1, Staples, 2:10.75. Exhibition: Park Rapids (Meinert, Haas, Schirmers, Ondracek), 1:54.42; Park Rapids (Williams, Zinke, Creager, K. Erickson), 1:56.62.

100 backstroke: 1, Givans, SM, 1:17.71. 2, L. Iverson, SM, 1:24.64. 3, Holm, SM, 1:36.69. Exhibition: Zinke, PR, 1:15.37; Haas, PR, 1:15.91; Schirmers, PR, 1:16.76.


100 breaststroke: 1, Beachy, SM, 1:19.04. 2, K. Iverson, SM, 1:22.66. Exhibition: Meinert, PR, 1:23.33; Williams, PR, 1:25.55; Creager, PR, 1:34.56.

400 freestyle relay: 1, Staples, 4:34.43. 2, Staples, 5:10.51. Exhibition: Park Rapids (Ondracek, Haas, Zinke, Meinert), 4:14.74.

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