Nevis preliminary levy up 12 percent

The Nevis Council approved a 12 percent increase in the property tax levy this week for 2009, proposing a preliminary $188,376 levy. This compares with 2008's amount of $168,727. By fund, levy amounts are $69,390 for the general government fund, ...

The Nevis Council approved a 12 percent increase in the property tax levy this week for 2009, proposing a preliminary $188,376 levy.

This compares with 2008's amount of $168,727.

By fund, levy amounts are $69,390 for the general government fund, $49,818 for streets, $40,922 for police, $17,792 for parks and $10,453 for the fire department contract.

The proposed levy includes approximately $3,000 for the Nevis Senior Center.

The final levy will be approved in December.


The council also approved a proposed budget of $338,067 in 2009, this compares with 2008's "actual" budget of $327,829.

In other action, the council:

n Reported a corps of volunteers with trucks and Bobcats headed to Grand Rapids to dismantle the hockey rink and transport it to Nevis.

"A great crew," said council member Paul Schroeder, who's donating the land for the rink, between Paul Bunyan Trails and Village Road.

About 25 members of the Nevis senior class and three teachers will be volunteering time to complete prep work for the rink.

However, Schroeder has learned the area must be level with the culvert, requiring about 600 yards of dirt, at an estimated cost of $5,000.

Todd Sanquist, contacted for quotes on the job, has offered to donate a pod liner, a necessity with the sandy soil, Schroeder learned.

Schroeder said the C&C has earmarked $7,000 for the project, which will not cover the total cost. A warming house has yet to be obtained.


Funds for the project have been realized from the Northwoods Triathlon, this year netting $10,000 for C&C coffers.

Schroeder said it may become a two-year project, from an appropriations standpoint, suggesting the city contribute $2,500 with the amount to be matched next year by the C&C.

"But I said there would be no cost to the city," he said.

Mayor Ray Melander pointed out the cost would likely be in six-digit territory if "we'd started from scratch" and commended the initiative. "This is a tremendous asset to the community for a pittance."

Schroeder suggested waiting until October, to finalize costs and re-examine funding.

"I appreciate your efforts on the city's behalf," Melander said, indicating the city may be willing to make a contribution.

(The meeting stopped momentarily when Schroder's cell phone rang. The Vikings, he informed the council, were behind 10-3.)

- Learned four "excellent candidates" have applied for the Nevis sheriff's deputy position.


The decision is now in the hands of sheriff Gary Mills.

Meanwhile, council member Rick Carson praised the "excellent" coverage provided by the sheriff's department.

"And from (police officer) Ed Franckowiak," Melander added.

n Will advertise for snow removal quotes.

In previous years, the city used space in the Bethany Lutheran Church parking lot, which is no longer available following the new construction.

The city will accept bids on hourly rates through Thursday, Oct. 9.

- Reported liquor store earnings of $4,523 in August, $39,422 year to date.

This compares with year-to-date earnings in 2007 of $61,790, a 36 percent, $22,368, difference.


A hot dog machine has arrived at the liquor store with a bun warmer on the way.

- Approved, "with deep regret," the resignation of Lisa Smith from the Planning Commission. She has moved out of state.

"She did a wonderful job," Melander said.

Justin Isaacson will replace Smith and Brent Lindow will replace Ted Luetgers, whose term expired at the end of July.

"This is great for a community of this size," Melander said. "These are two gentlemen who have demonstrated their skills on a number of occasions. They are well qualified."

The council expressed gratitude to Luetgers for his work on the commission. Luetgers was a charter member of the Planning Commission when it formed in 1998.

- Approved a donation of $750 from the firefighters gambling account and $250 from the city toward the purchase and supplies for a K-9 dog for the Hubbard County Sheriff's Department.

"I've worked with these canines," said deputy (and former Nevis police chief) Lowell Koebnick. "They're fantastic."


Cost of the dog and training is approximately $12,500.

The new dog will accompany deputy Jeremiah Johnson. Seven-year-old Sarge, who teams with chief deputy Frank Homer, is about to "retire."

- Approved hydrant flushing dates of Tuesday through Thursday,Oct. 7-9.

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