Minor injury in three-vehicle rollover crash

The Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office released information on Jan. 14 regarding a three-vehicle accident Dec. 30, 2019 that involved a vehicle rollover and a minor injury.

According to the incident report, the caller, Tara Wuollet, 19, reported the crash at approximately 9:58 a.m. on U.S. Hwy. 71 at 160th St., just north of the RDO plant. Wuollet advised dispatch that she was bleeding from the head.

Deputies began arriving at 10:05 a.m. and found a heavily damaged 2007 Chevrolet Silverado, facing south in the southbound lane; a heavily damaged 2015 Dodge Ram tipped on its side in the west ditch; and an apparently undamaged 2015 Ford F-150 XLT in the east ditch. Most of the debris lay on or near the west fog line of Hwy. 71.

Wuollet, the driver of the Silverado, told deputies that she felt fine, though they noticed several bleeding lacerations on her head. Wuollet seemed oriented and otherwise uninjured, and did not report pain. She was checked out by North Memorial Ambulance personnel and released to her father, who had shown up at the scene.

Deputies found Randy Gleason, 63, of Park Rapids standing in the Ram with his head out the driver’s side window. Gleason said he and his dog were uninjured, but they could not climb up out of the truck. Instead, they crawled out the passenger-side window, where the snow was deep. The dog ran off, costing Gleason some time to retrieve it.


Upon his return, Gleason told deputies he was driving south at approximately 55 mph when he saw the northbound Silverado start to slide. He attempted to drive into the ditch but before he could, the Silverado spun into his lane and struck his vehicle. Gleason said his vehicle tipped over as it entered the ditch, but he was uninjured.

Charles Miles, 49, of Eden Prairie, who was driving the F-150, told deputies he was southbound on Hwy. 71 behind the Ram when he saw the northbound Silverado lose control and start to spin around. The Silverado entered the southbound lane and collided with the Ram, though Miles said the Ram seemed to attempt evasive action by moving toward the west shoulder. Miles said he drove into the east ditch to avoid the crash.

Deputies assisted with traffic control while the scene was cleared. The F-150 was towed out of the ditch and was found to be operable. Miles drove it from the scene.

Gleason’s Ram was towed by Dick’s Auto & Towing, and Wuollet’s Silverado was towed by Farrington Towing. A deputy gave Gleason and his dog a ride to his wife’s workplace, so he could use her vehicle.

The Enterprise requested public information about the crash on Jan. 2. According to HCSO staff, the incident report was completed on Jan. 10.

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