Long Lake boat access to get facelift

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Improvements to Long Lake’s south boat access are in the works. The project calls for grading, bituminous paving, curb and gutter and restoration of the site.

On July 22, the Hubbard County Board of Adjustment approved a related variance application, with the condition that Hubbard Township must work with the Hubbard County Environmental Services Department to implement a post-construction revegetation plan for the shore impact zone.

The variance request was to intensify a nonconforming use, alter vegetation in the shore impact zone, exceed permittable volumes of earthen material movement within the ordinary high water mark 100-foot setback and increase the impervious surface area.

According to the variance application, the project is designed to decrease stormwater runoff and establish designated parking areas for trucks and trailers. “Efforts have been made in design to preserve as much existing vegetation as possible, especially on the lakeward side of construction. Vegetated swales have been designed to capture the designated amounts of runoff per state and local requirements,” it says. Grading of site involves approximately 455 cubic yards of excavation and 260 cubic yards of fill.

The county secured a grant for the township project.


The Long Lake Area Association supports the renovations, writing that the work “will help prevent runoff, soil erosion, provide rain gardens, tarred parking spots and more.” The upgrade has been in the association’s lake plan since 2010 “for water quality protection and usability.” Their letter of support went on to say, “The erosion which has been present for a long time has been significantly worsened by unusually heavy rain events the past few years. We believe that proper stormwater and erosion control are key in maintaining Long Lake’s water quality and for other rivers and lakes downstream, too.”

On Tuesday, Hubbard County Board accepted the low bid of $232,790 from Northland Excavating LLC of Buffalo, Minn. for the construction work.

Public Works Coordinator Jed Nordin said the bid was close to the engineer’s estimate and the $225,000 in funding. “We’ve made a request to the DNR for additional funding,” he said, which is roughly $8,000.

In related business, the board did as follows:

  • Rejected two bids for grading and paving County Road 104, from CSAH 24 to Jewel Drive. Nordin said the $847,141 and $917,806 quotes were “very much in excess of our engineer’s estimate, to the tune of 250 percent. The pricing right now is more than we’d care to pay for these projects.”

  • Approved a $68,930 low quote from Gladen Construction, Inc. of Laporte for forest road construction projects in sections 19 and 30 of Lake George Township. County Land Commissioner Chip Lohmeier said a 2.1-mile forest road will be built off Hwy. 71 south and connect with existing roads.

  • Accepted the low quote of $31,997 from Houston Engineering, Inc. of Thief River Falls for engineering services. They will design a water crossing at the Evergreen Lake outlet, plus water control and erosion measures for one-third mile of Schoolcraft Trail. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2020.

  • Approved Generations Forestry’s quote of $58.90 per acre for bud capping on approximately 952 acres of tree seedlings. The firm is from Hattiesburg, Miss. Lohmeier said the cost will likely increase “because they’re bringing in migrant workers from south of the border. Those people are harder and harder to get across the border.”

  • Approved KL Concrete’s quote of $7,950 to replace two 3-foot-by-20-foot aprons in front of the overhead doors at the recycling center. An emergency exit stoop will be replaced with an ADA compliant stoop and ramp at the main entrance. A 10-foot-by-10-foot pad will be installed by the compactor as well.

  • Approved an easement to Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. across unsold tax-forfeited land (TFL) to provide access to property on the west side of Lake Alice. The appraised value of the easement is $615.

  • Approved an easement to Ryan Rogers across 75 feet of TFL in Helga Township. The easement value is $100.

  • Authorized the solid waste department to refer past-due accounts to the county attorney’s office.

Shannon Geisen is editor of the Park Rapids Enterprise.
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