Pi Day turns math into yummy fun

Century Middle School students celebrated math's most famous irrational number with facts, fun and pie on March 14.

Calculating pie to the last forkful during Pi Day celebrations March 14, 2023 (3.14), in Autumn Sturtz's math classroom at Century Middle School are, front row from left: Eli Gieseke, Bo Pike, Fin Van Batavia; back row: Christopher Vargus, Cesar Quixan-Gutierrez, Jack Mitteness, Brooke Jungwirth, Rylie Davis and Briannah Rodriguez-Stoehr.
Contributed / Tina Ridlon
Alyse Freyholtz has her pi and eats her pie during the Pi Day celebration March 14, 2023 (3.14), in Autumn Sturtz's math class at Century Middle School.
Contributed / Tina Ridlon

Math teacher Autumn Sturtz shared Pi Day with her students Tuesday (3/14) at Century Middle School.

First, the seventh and eighth graders learned about the history of pi, played pi trivia, graphed the digits of pi and, of course, ate a variety of pies.

March 14 is widely celebrated by mathematicians around the world as Pi Day. It also happens to be Albert Einstein’s birthday.

Pi is a Greek letter for “p,” used to find the area and circumference of circles. In decimal form, the digits of pi go on infinitely without repeating, but the number is often rounded to 3.14.

Students decorated the first 10 digits of pi during the Pi Day celebrations March 14, 2023 (3.14), in Autumn Sturtz's math classroom at Century Middle School.
Contributed / Tina Ridlon

Principal Mike LeMier and Assistant Principal Mark Frank also joined Sturtz’s class for the celebration. Pies were donated by Hugo’s, Walmart and the Park Rapids PTA.


Seventh- and eighth-grade math teacher Autumn Sturtz and Century School Principal Mike LeMier celebrate Pi Day with pie, March 14, 2023, in Sturtz's classroom.
Contributed / Tina Ridlon

According to middle school teacher Tina Ridlon, students were overheard saying, “Wow! This pie is good!” and “¡Pie es muy bueno!” One student said, “This pie is good, but not the math pi.”

“It was a great opportunity to get students excited about math and a good reminder that even math class can be fun or ‘irrational’ at times,” said Sturtz. “We had a blast and even got to share extra ‘pi’ with our amazing office staff and other professionals in the building.”

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