Nevis Lions Club delivers Easter goodies

The Easter bunny and Nevis pig mascot joined forces with the Nevis Lions Club on Saturday to distribute goodie bags to children.

Myranda Miller, 4, was giddy with joy when she met the Easter bunny Saturday, April 9 in Nevis. Mom Samantha said, "Before we got here, she said, 'The Easter bunny has my heart.'" The Nevis Lions Club hosted the Easter activities, including a scavenger hunt and bike drawing.
Shannon Geisen/ Park Rapids Enterprise
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The Easter bunny and Nevis pig mascot joined forces with the Nevis Lions Club on Saturday to distribute goodie bags to children.

Families had the option to drive or walk through the sunny “bunny lane,” situated in front of the Muskie Park pavilion.

Nevis Lions Club president Barb Deery said they planned for 400 kids.

“Because of COVID and all the snow, we didn’t want to throw it in the snow,” Deery said of the changes to the traditional egg hunt.

Deery reported there were 100 scavenger hunt participants.


“I was really quite surprised,” she said, noting this was a new event. “We’ll do something totally different next year.”

She crafted 400 scavenger hunt cards. Children followed clues on the cards to four locations in Nevis to collect special items and get their card stamped. Completed cards were entered into the drawing to win a bicycle.

Bike winners and their ages are as follows:

  • Kenzi Williams, 2
  • Miles Kirchoff, 2
  • Ava Oaks, 3
  • Kashton Sletten, 3                                                              
  • Westley Brown, 5
  • Waylen Rolle, 5                                                                      
  • Elin, 5
  • Corbin Tangeman, 6
  • Abby Cowden, 8
  • Odin Wilson, 8
  • Jaxen Olsen, 10         
  • Emily Avenson, 13

These children won a scooter:

  • Hayzlie Wensuray, 1 
  • Rider Smith, 1.5
  • Gema Rash, 6
  • Henry Post, 6
  • Myles Krzmarzick, 8
  • Nicole Brown, 9

A ‘generous community’

Seventeen local businesses, churches or organizations donated money to buy Easter candy, bikes and goodie bags, which included activity packets, crafts, Legos and more.

“We got some awesome donations this year. Our businesses are so generous. It’s phenomenal,” Deery said.

The Park Rapids American Legion is a “big supporter,” along with East Hubbard County Fire District, Hanson’s Electric, Lindow Construction/Lindow Plumbing, TruStar Federal Credit Union, T&M Express, Nevis Women’s Club, the Northwoods Bank of Minnesota, Red River Event Center, Cindy Lou’s and others.

“We’re very lucky. They’re very generous in the community,” Deery added.


Organizers and helpers at the Nevis community Easter event gather for a photo. Front, from left: Andrea Aguirre, Easter bunny, Nevis pig mascot and Aveyah Forbes. Back row: Tyra Hibel, Madison Plan, John Nicklawsky, Barb Deery, Jean Deery, Nevis firefighter Emily Whitaker, Mark Deery and Kamber Forbes.
Shannon Geisen/ Park Rapids Enterprise

A family effort, too

Deery also enlisted the help of family with this year’s event.

Her granddaughter, Madison Plan, is the Lion club’s first-ever Cub member. She lives in Farmington with mom Andrea Aguirre.

The high school junior said she’s been active in the club since she was 10 years old.

“I come up here and help during Muskie Days. We did this last year,” Madison said. “It’s a lot of fun.”

Tyra Hibel, Madison’s cousin, traveled from North Dakota to help, too.

“You should’ve seen how many dollar stores we went to, how many prizes we got, how many times I’ve stocked my mom’s car,” Madison said. “We easily went to over 15 dollar stores.”She added, “It’s definitely a lot of work, but it’s always worth it. You see the smiles on the little kids’ faces when they get prizes.”

Deery painted 50 bright, colorful rocks with “Happy Easter” messages or baby animals, like bears, birds and puppies.
Shannon Geisen/Park Rapids Enterprise

Deery painted 50 bright, colorful rocks with “Happy Easter” messages or baby animals, like bears, birds and puppies. Some were painted in the Nevis Tiger colors: green and gold.


The rocks were hidden around town. Thirty-one of them said “prize” on the bottom.

“Yesterday we spent all day hiding them,” Madison said.

Families who discovered the rock brought them to the Muskie Park pavilion on Saturday to claim their prize.

Deery was flattered that many wanted to keep their rock as a keepsake.

“It’s quite funny because the little ones did not want to give them up, which was fine because I paint new ones every year anyway,” she said.

Deery heard positive comments about Saturday’s activities. “Everybody just loved it,” she said.

She enjoys organizing the Easter event. “That’s what it’s all about – it’s all about the kids.”

The Tigers are looking to build off last year's 20-10 record.

Shannon Geisen is editor of the Park Rapids Enterprise.
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