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Hubbard County Incidents: Sept. 12-18, 2022

From the Hubbard County dispatch blotter.

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Accidents: Sept. 12: A truck vs. boat accident was reported in Lake Emma Twp.;

Sept. 14: A caller reported she went into the ditch, but there were no injuries and State Patrol was calling for a tow;

Sept. 17: A caller reported a two-vehicle accident with no injuries and both vehicles on the side of the roadway.

Animal Related: Sept. 12: A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller in the Park Rapids area reported a deer hit by a car, needing to be dispatched; A County 25 caller reported a cow on the side of the road;

Sept. 13: A Henrietta Twp. caller said her neighbor’s pitbulls were running loose and she was concerned for her safety; A State Hwy. 34 caller reported that cows were out and she had them contained in her yard for now;


Sept. 14: A 150th St. caller reported someone dropped off a dog and a tote of food at the end of his driveway; A caller reported two horses out on the roadway; A 150th St. caller reported hearing that someone abandoned a dog on the side of the road; An Akeley Twp. caller reported his dog was shot;

Sept. 15: A caller found a big white dog with a shock collar; A caller reported cows out of the roadway; A 150th St. caller reported a neighbor’s dog looked very underfed; A caller requested a deer possession tag; A State 34 caller reported a bear on his property, going through the garbage can by his shop;

Sept. 16: A caller said a deer hit by her husband needed to be dispatched; A caller reported cattle and horses on the highway; A Nevis Twp. caller found a medium-sized dog with Dalmation coloring, a shock collar and a regular collar with a bell; A driver reported hitting a bald eagle; A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller in the Laporte area reported a black and white dog running around;

Sept. 17: A squad vehicle hit a deer;

Sept. 18: A 129th Ave. caller reported they had a dog on a leash that was attacking their chickens; A caller reported a small horse and a donkey along the highway; A caller who hit a deer wanted a possession tag.

Assaults/Harassment: Sept. 12: A State Hwy. 64 caller reported her son was assaulting her, so she locked him in her van for her protection; A Park Rapids caller reported people banging on his door and calling him to come out and fight; A 400th St. caller reported being harassed by her daughter on Facebook Messenger;

Sept. 14: An officer reported being advised of a dispute in Todd Twp.;

Sept. 15: A County 13 caller reported threats;


Sept. 16: A violation of a domestic abuse no-contact order was reported; A violation of an order for protection was reported in Henrietta Twp.;

Sept. 17: A 145th Ave. caller heard screaming in her driveway and when she approached the vehicle with a male and a female occupant, the male pushed her down and left heading north; A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller reported being threatened over a pickup;

Sept. 18: A text-to-911 from Akeley reported a male and female having a verbal domestic issue; A caller in a Lincoln on the side of the roadway said his wife hit and bit him.

Burglaries/Theft: Sept. 12: A Nevis caller reported receiving a fraudulent $20 bill; Front and back door alarms and living room and bedroom motion alarms were tripped on County 6; A 470th St. caller reported a possible scam when someone came to his house offering to tar his driveway;

Sept. 13: A possible phone scam was reported in Lake George Twp.;

Sept. 15: A White Oak Twp. caller reported a 1998 Dodge Ram taken without permission; A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller reported their husband entered the driveway and should not be there;

Sept. 16: A pole barn service door alarm was activated on County 37; The west door, west motion and east motion alarms were tripped at a County 40 address; A Rockwood Twp. caller reported a possible scam;

Sept. 18: A 160th St. caller said he loaned his lawnmower to someone and they refused to return it unless he brings law enforcement with him; A $17.81 gas drive-off was reported in Akeley.


Fires: Sept. 16: A 119th Ave. caller reported a large straw building on fire;

Sept. 17: A Long Lake caller reported a carbon monoxide alarm going off;

Sept. 18: A caller reported a camper on fire.

Medical: Sept. 13: An ambulance was requested on 150th St. for a 69-year-old female who dislocated her hip;

Sept. 14: An ambulance was requested in Henrietta Twp. for a male in his 70s with throat cancer who was having severe wheezing;

Sept. 15: A medical alarm was activated on County 13 and there was no voice contact with the subscriber; An ambulance was requested at a Lake George business for a Spanish-speaking customer who passed out; An ambulance was requested on State Hwy. 87 for a male with extreme back pain;

Sept. 16: An ambulance was requested in Nevis Twp. for a male having trouble breathing; An ambulance was requested in Lake Emma Twp. for a female on the bathroom floor;

Sept. 17: An ambulance was requested on County 4 for a male whose defibrillator was going off; A 275th Ave. caller said someone messed with her mailbox;

Sept. 18: An ambulance was requested on County 4 for a female possibly having a reaction to alcohol, and no lights or sirens were requested due to children sleeping; An ambulance was requested on County 93 for a female in her 70s, knocked down by a dog, who was unable to get up with hip and back pain; An ambulance was requested on County 91 for a male possibly having a heart attack; A medical pendant was activated and canceled on County 16; An ambulance was requested in Akeley Twp. for a female who was dizzy and feeling unwell, and responders were advised to check for carbon monoxide.

Miscellaneous: Sept. 12: A Park Rapids caller reported a fish and game violation; A State Hwy. 34 caller was suspicious about a male going door to door asking for a ride to Detroit Lakes; Law enforcement checked out two suspicious ATVs;

Sept. 13: A Henrietta Twp. caller requested officer advice on what she should do with an RV; Law enforcement did multiple business checks in Nevis; A school walk-away was reported in Nevis; A County 39 caller requested officer assistance with a lawn mower whose hood was cracked; Law enforcement made an arrest for a probation violation; Law enforcement did a school walk-through in Nevis;

Sept. 14: Law enforcement did a business check in Nevis; Someone arrest for contempt of court in Beltrami County was brought to Hubbard County; Law enforcement did a school walk through in Nevis; A County 12 caller was suspicious about finding a vehicle parked near his cabin in front of the garage with no one around, and caller left without entering the cabin;

Sept. 15: A caller who had been unable to get in contact with his daughter the past couple months wanted her checked on in Straight River Twp. and asked law enforcement to give them his new number; A caller reported an event being organized off County 86 and was concerned about parking, noise, traffic and what was happening;

Sept. 16: Law enforcement checked out a suspicious male; A Henrietta Ave. caller, described as sounding confused, said the phone told him to call 911; A caller said he heard a loud explosion that rocked his RV; A County 38 caller requested officer assistance regarding behavioral difficulties with a teenage daughter; A 911 caller in Farden Twp. said, “Don’t you know my location?” and hung up;

Sept. 17: An Akeley caller reported she could hear some sort of alarm but could not locate its source; A County 33 caller wanted to speak to an officer about a strange smell in an apartment she was renting out; A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller reported finding window metal bent, evidence of a fire in the basement and a well left running that flooded the house, but wasn’t sure if anything was taken; An empty boat with a fishing pole was reported in Nevis Twp.; Officer assistance was requested; An officer reported suspicious activity in Straight River Twp.;

Sept. 18: Officer assistance was requested in Farden Twp. for a male refusing to leave the property; A County 93 caller reported a disagreement about where to meet for child exchange and being sent messages by children that were not age appropriate.

Traffic: Sept. 12: A boat and water violation was reported at the Gillett Lake boat landing; A caller reported almost being hit by a Jeep Grand Cherokee that was swerving all over the road; A motorist requested lights while changing a flat tire in heavy traffic; Motorist assist was requested; A Ford F-150 was reported speeding and swerving all over the road, crossing the centerline and fog line; A Chevrolet Suburban was reported swerving all over the road;

Sept. 13: Multiple boat and water issues were reported; Cass County passed along a report of a Mitsubishi Outlander with a possibly intoxicated driver;

Sept. 14: A double-stacked car hauler was reported swerving on the roadway; A Guthrie Twp. supervisor reported a four-wheeler and a dirt bike tearing up the road on 450th St.; Law enforcement provided a motorist assist;

Sept. 16: An anonymous caller complained about a Nissan Pathfinder; A caller reported careless ATV operation; Motorist assist was requested;

Sept. 17: A boat and water issue was reported on 490th St.; An ATV violation was reported on County 9; A Helga Twp. caller reported parking issues connected with a craft fair; Multiple ATV issues were reported; Multiple boat and water issues were reported; A caller reported lots of gravel on the highway, giving cars flat tires; A Todd Twp. caller wanted to speak to an officer about guidelines on ATV/OHV trails; A pontoon with four people on board was stuck on Hinds Lake with a dead battery;

Sept. 18: Multiple ATV issues were reported; A driving complaint was reported on State Hwy. 64.

Ten percent of that levy increase – roughly $1.6 million – is a capture of new construction tax capacity from Enbridge’s Line 3 project

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