Hubbard County Incidents: Nov. 28-Dec. 4, 2022

From the Hubbard County dispatch blotter.

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Accidents: Nov. 28: A caller reported a car off the road, apparently unoccupied;

Dec. 4: A caller reported a two-car accident at an intersection with no injuries, and said the cars were out of the roadway.

Animal Related: Nov. 28: A County 39 caller reported a deer hit by a vehicle was lying in caller’s driveway, and caller wanted a possession permit; A County 23 caller reported a neighbor’s three dogs attacked him and the black Lab bit him; A caller found a dog running in a lane of traffic and tied it to a pole, where caller would wait until an officer arrived; An officer came across a car vs. deer accident;

Nov. 29: A 219th Ave. caller reported two German shepherds running on their property, saying it has been happening for a while; A County 9 caller reported a lost, black Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix dog, deaf, with a black collar; A County 89 caller reported evicted tenants left two horses behind; An officer responded to two dogs on State Hwy. 64;

Nov. 30: A dead deer was reported in a lane of travel;


Dec. 1: A Ford Transit reportedly hit a deer and drove on without checking whether the deer was still in the roadway, with airbags deployed, then the engine started to overheat; A caller reported a deer hit by a vehicle; A County 39 caller reported a hit deer still alive in the ditch, and caller wasn’t sure her Honda CRV was still drivable;

Dec. 2: A 189th Ave. caller reported her daughter’s 1-year-old German shepherd was stolen from the end of the driveway and the daughter followed the vehicle to the Nevis area;

Dec. 3: A 279th Ave. caller complained about a black dog walking through their yard, and though the dog had left caller was concerned it would come back; An officer issued a roadkill deer possession tag;

Dec. 4: A caller reported hitting a large deer and wanted a possession tag; A 110th St. caller reported a lost mixed-breed, black-and-white dog, about 50 pounds with a purple collar; A County 9 caller reported their 12-week-old Labrador puppy ran away; A Henrietta Twp. caller reported a lost Husky with a purple collar and a silver rabies tag; A caller reported hitting a deer.

Assaults/Harassment: Nov. 30: A violation of an order for protection was reported in Park Rapids; A Lakeport Twp. caller reported his wife was intoxicated and throwing items around in a camper;

Dec. 1: A Nevis Twp. caller said she was choked by a male who now wouldn’t let her leave;

Dec. 2: A County 25 caller reported receiving threats via Snapchat; An uncooperative 400th St. caller asked whether there is an order for protection between her and her ex;

Dec. 4: A 159th Ave. caller reported issues with her grandson being disruptive.


Burglaries/Theft: Nov. 28: A Clover Twp. caller reported a vehicle protection plan scam;

Nov. 29: A commercial burglar alarm was activated in Akeley; A County 45 caller said someone used her phone number to call her neighbor about a credit card scam; Two motion-activated burglar alarms went off in Akeley;

Nov. 30: A 139th Ave. caller reported a purse was taken from her home; An audible hold-up alarm was activated in Lake Emma Twp.; Living room back door, front door, upstairs motion, inside door, living room window, basement window and basement motion alarms went off at a Lake Alice Twp. location;

Dec. 1: A 190th St. caller reported an EBT card was stolen off a counter;

Dec. 2: A motion sensor alarm was activated in Akeley; A Crow Wing Lake Twp. caller reported receiving scam calls;

Dec. 3: An Akeley Twp. caller reported property stolen from her recently deceased father’s home;

Dec. 4: A Lakeport Twp. caller reported a domestic altercation.

Fires: Nov. 30: A caller reported a slash pile had started on fire; A DNR unit reported a 50-by-50-foot log pile on fire at the corner of State Hwys. 64 and 200;


Dec. 1: A commercial fire alarm was activated and canceled in Nevis Twp.;

Dec. 2: A carbon monoxide alarm was activated at a Helga Twp. residence; A fire alarm and sprinkler system were activated in Laporte;

Dec. 3: A commercial fire alarm was activated in Nevis Twp.;

Dec. 4: A Rockwood Twp. caller reported a neighbor burning a brush pile for the past week.

Medical: Nov. 28: An ambulance was requested in Farden Twp. for a male with back pain; An ambulance was requested in the Park Rapids area for a 17-year-old female having a seizure; A lift assist was requested on County 25; An ambulance was requested in Farden Twp. for someone who fell off a couch and was sick, not breathing well and throwing up;

Nov. 29: A medical alarm was activated in Akeley Twp. and there was no contact with the subscriber; An ambulance was requested on Becker County 44 for a female having a seizure;

Dec. 1: An ambulance was requested on County 97 for a male having extreme abdominal pain; An ambulance was requested on 275th Ave. for a female who thought she was having a heart attack; A lift assist was requested on 193rd Ave.;

Dec. 2: An ambulance was requested in Todd Twp. for a 1-year-old who was choking and was now having some trouble breathing; An ambulance was requested on 319th Ave. for a 74-year-old female who was sick and having muscle spasms; An agency assist was requested at Century School for a 12-year-old with a broken arm;

Dec. 3: A 150th St. caller requested help repositioning an elderly male in bed.

Miscellaneous: Nov. 28: An officer checked out a suspicious male in the ditch, dressed all in black at 1:38 a.m.; A Farden Twp. caller was going to tow a car that wasn’t his off his property, but first wanted to make sure it was not stolen; A County 39 caller reported door lock damage and possible vehicle damage, saying they couldn’t access the garage or the house due to the damage; A 230th St. caller said he has been letting a female stay in her trailer in his driveway for two weeks on the promise not to have men there, but caller had seen a man there and wanted the female to leave;

Nov. 29: An officer checked out a suspicious vehicle in the Laporte area;

Nov. 30: An officer checked out an abandoned vehicle on the side of the road; A 323rd Ave. caller reported a small freezer was dumped on the side of the road; A 230th St. caller had questions for an officer about having two people removed from their property; A caller reported damage to a door occurring on Nov. 27 in the Nevis area; A Todd Twp. caller reported child custody issues; A Todd Twp. caller asked for officer assistance, saying a male was supposed to out of the house by 11:30 p.m.; A Lake Alice Twp. caller requesting officer assistance said a female reported feeling cold and wanted someone to do something about it;

Dec. 1: County personnel assisted DNR Forestry in Laporte; A lobby visitor wanted to speak to a deputy about her identification, and a language barrier was noted; A 911 misdial came from a County 9 location; Law enforcement patrolled a school event in Nevis;

Dec. 2: A 190th St. caller reported a suspicious vehicle parked outside a house that was recently burgled; A Todd Twp. caller asked to have a male trespasser removed;

Dec. 3: A Henrietta Twp. caller reported her ex-husband had her property and would not give it to her; A 398th St. caller reported a Uhaul abandoned on a minimum maintenance road; Beltrami County forwarded an open-line 911 call from Helga Twp.;

Dec. 4: An open-line 911 call did not answer when called back; Law enforcement checked out a vehicle that had been parked on the side of the roadway all day.

Traffic: Nov. 28: A caller reported a Honda CRX traveling at fluctuating speeds and taunting caller; A caller reported lumber in a lane of traffic;

Nov. 29: A caller reported a truck cut him off and ran a red light; A caller reported a truck leaking garbage out of its back;

Nov. 30: A caller reported a vehicle in the roadway with no one around;

Dec. 1: A caller reported a truck speeding in town and passing unsafely; A County 81 caller reported FedEx vehicles speeding; A 275th Ave. caller reported big divots in the asphalt from someone pulling something; A Lake Emma Twp. caller had questions about a side-by-side; A Beltrami County vehicle was reported swerving and almost hitting other vehicles;

Dec. 2: A parent reported a school bus stop arm violation on U.S. Hwy. 71; A sedan was reported swerving all over the road at varying speeds; A car was reported swerving all over the road; A Pontiac Grand Am was reported passing unsafely and tailgating;

Dec. 3: A caller reported a black garbage bag on the centerline of a road;

Dec. 4: An SUV was reported swerving all over the roadway.

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