Hubbard County Incidents: May 2-8, 2022

From the Hubbard County dispatch blotter.

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Accidents: May 4: A two-vehicle accident was reported on State Hwy. 34; A caller reported a Chevy Z71 ran off the road into some trees, and driver told caller he was uninjured;

May 8: A caller reported a vehicle T-boned another at an intersection, and both drivers were out of their vehicles and walking; A rollover accident was reported, injuries unknown.

Animal Related: May 2: A caller reported a bear growing a little more aggressive, coming on their neighbor’s deck and getting into things;

May 3: A 149th Ave. caller reported multiple dead cows on their property; A caller said they hit a deer on County 4 and left the scene with the deer still alive;

May 4: Law enforcement responded to a vehicle that hit a deer;


May 6: A County 1 caller reported a St. Bernard wandering near their residence with a cat in its mouth that appeared to be injured; A pig on the highway was reported;

May 7: A dead deer in the roadway was reported; A deer was reported needing to be dispatched in the ditch near some woods; A caller reported a dead dog wrapped in a blanket, dumped on the side of the road;

May 8: A caller reported a pitbull with porcupine quills chased their vehicle as they drove by, and caller believed it was a stranded dog; A 309th Ave. caller reported a dog hanging around their house.

Assaults/Harassment: May 2: A 200th St. caller requested officer assistance removing someone from their residence;

May 3: A Park Rapids caller reported two people arguing;

May 5: A passing motorist reported a physical altercation in a motor vehicle; A County 18 caller complained about a male who showed up and wouldn’t leave;

May 6: A County 39 caller reported her estranged husband had a vehicle parked in a manner that obstructed her vehicle from leaving the garage; A Becker County 125 caller had questions about an order for protection out of Hubbard County; A physical domestic altercation in progress was reported in Clover Twp., with an extremely intoxicated boyfriend hitting caller’s son;

May 7: During an open-line call from Lakeport Twp., dispatch heard an argument in the background but nothing that sounded physical;


May 8: A 190th St. caller reported having issues with family and requested officer assistance; A 192nd St. caller reported a domestic issue, saying an intoxicated male took her 2001 Dodge Dakota to Park Rapids and hit her 2009 Chevy Suburban before leaving; A Steamboat River Twp. caller reported a physical father-son altercation in progress, saying the son bit the father at one point.

Burglaries/Theft: May 2: An entry/exit alarm near a living room was activated on County 4; A County 40 caller received a letter in the mail and wanted to speak to an officer about whether it’s a scam; A commercial alarm was activated in Rockwood Twp.

May 6: A Hubbard Twp. caller reported two leather riding jackets, a phone and multiple jewelry items stolen; A 209th Ave. caller reported his pontoon boat stolen; A residential front door alarm was activated on U.S. Hwy. 71;

May 7: A front door alarm was activated on County 3;

May 8: A family room sensor alarm was activated in Lake Emma Twp.; An Akeley caller reported a phone scam.

Fires: May 3: A grass fire was reported heading toward the trees on 294th St.;

May 4: A County 4 caller reported a 35-square-foot ditch fire near a power pole; A Crow Wing Lake caller reported a fire spreading into trees, but threatening no structures;

May 6: A County 80 caller reported they were doing a controlled burn on an activated variance burn permit from the DNR; A brush fire was reported on County 50;


May 7: A Park Rapids caller reported a fire in a burn pit at a residence near the hospital; A Lake Emma Twp. caller reported a grass fire caused by a tree striking a power pole, close to a lake access but not near any buildings; A Thorpe Twp. caller reported a power line down over a boat near caller’s house.

Medical: May 2: An ambulance was requested in Akeley for an 86-year-old male with a bad cough;

May 3: An ambulance was requested on County 12 for a female feeling unwell and in extreme pain; An ambulance was requested on 219th Ave. for a male having severe chest pain;

May 4: An ambulance was requested on 169th Ave. for a 16-year-old handicapped child having trouble breathing and low oxygen levels;

May 5: An ambulance was requested on County 30 for a female having severe cramps and feeling like passing out;

May 7: An ambulance was requested on 219th Ave. for an elderly male who fell, cutting his face and hurting his right knee and shoulder; An ambulance was requested on U.S. Hwy. 71 for a male lying on the ground; An ambulance was requested on 319th Ave. for a female in extreme pain;

May 8: An ambulance was requested in Lakeport Twp. for a female in extreme pain, having trouble breathing; An ambulance was requested on County 4 for a female who fell and couldn’t get up; An ambulance was requested on U.S. Hwy. 71 for a diabetic male who wouldn’t wake up.

Miscellaneous: May 2: A Guthrie Twp. caller reported a four-door GMC pickup with cab lights in their yard and a person walking around their residence when nobody was supposed to be there; Law enforcement checked on a suspicious vehicle on County 4; A caller had questions for an officer about child custody; A caller had questions for an officer about trespassing issues regarding a piece of county property he habitually hunts on; A Bemidji area caller had questions about a suspicious vehicle; A County 3 caller wanted to speak with a deputy about items marked as free on Swap and Shop, whose owner was now threatening caller and demanding payment; A Farden Twp. caller wanted to speak with a deputy about a small car driving down his road several times;


May 3: A Henrietta Twp. caller reported a pickup with a logo pulled into caller’s lake property and two male occupants walked around the house and garage, then left; Law enforcement did a business check in Nevis; A County 1 caller wanted to speak with a deputy about his situation with his ex;

May 4: Law enforcement checked on a vehicle needing motorist assist; A caller reported he could not go to a residence on County 48 due to an order for protection, but a motorhome was there that he thought should not be there; Officer assistance was requested in Nevis regarding three people suspected of being under the influence; A caller requested officer assistance getting her kids from her husband on 129th Ave.;

May 5: Law enforcement did a business check in Nevis; Law enforcement assisted the Department of Corrections in acquiring a preliminary breath test from a probation client; A caller was suspicious about a male cleaning buckets at the Portage Lake access; A Straight River Twp. caller met a male coming out of the woods with a bag and caller thought he might be a missing person; Law enforcement patrolled a sporting event in Nevis;

May 6: An open-line 911 call from 370th Ave. had no sounds of distress;

May 7: Law enforcement checked out a suspicious vehicle;

May 8: A County 1 caller reported someone against whom she used to have a no-trespass order walked into her house, and left; A 911 call was intended for Grand Rapids.

Traffic: May 3: A State Hwy. 34 caller reported a Mercedes convertible heading west from Nevis, speeding and passing unsafely; A motorcycle was reported speeding; A caller reported an ongoing problem with vehicles drag racing in the area and requested extra patrol, due to concern that children may be hurt;

May 4: A County 48 caller reported an ATV complaint;


May 5: A motorist assist was requested; A driving complaint was reported at U.S. Hwy. 71 and 150th St.; A Nevis caller said a suspect whose driver’s license was canceled as inimical to public safety left the T&M Express driving a vehicle; A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller and their family reported their vehicle broke down on the side of the road and they needed a tow;

May 6: An ATV was stopped; A pickup pulling a boat was reported serving on State Hwy. 200;

May 7: Cass County reported a vehicle traveling on the wrong side of U.S. Hwy. 2 entering Hubbard County; Motorist assist was requested for a pontoon that fell off a trailer; An officer checked out a group of dirt bikes on County 4; A County 91 caller reported a tree partially blocking the road; A motorist assist was requested; Beltrami County passed on a report of a Chevy Silverado crossing the centerline several times;

May 8: A caller reported a downed tree blocking both lanes of a road; A County 39 caller reported a tree lying across 3/4 of the road; A County 7 caller reported a lane blocked; A Clover Twp. caller questioned the legality of a neighbor blading off the road; A Dodge pickup headed toward Bemidji was reported driving erratically.

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