Hubbard County Incidents: March 13-19, 2023

From the Hubbard County dispatch blotter.

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Accidents: March 13: A caller reported a northbound pickup truck trying to beat an eastbound train didn’t make it across, injuries unknown;

March 14: Bemidji law enforcement found a vehicle off the roadway with no injuries, needing a tow; A snowmobiler reported having a minor accident and said he did not think he could get it out of the trees;

March 16: A caller reported a truck and trailer spun out and went in the ditch with no injuries and without blocking the roadway; A caller reported a vehicle rollover in the ditch;

March 18: A caller reported a vehicle hit his while in the Piney Park trailer court, and caller followed the vehicle to a laundromat in Park Rapids; Law enforcement reported a loose dog;

March 19: A Park Rapids caller reported a truck was stuck in his yard and had been trying to get out for the past 20 minutes.


Animal Related: March 13: A caller reported two cows out of their farm;

March 14: A caller reported a medium-sized, white dog with a pink leash running loose; A 200th St. caller reported a missing pig;

March 15: A 275th Ave. caller complained about three or four dogs barking continuously, and caller said they attempted to speak with the owners but they hadn’t done anything about it;

March 16: A Nevis caller said a cougar was on her property and requested advice;

March 17: A 175th Ave. caller reported continuing issues with his neighbors’ dogs;

March 19: A Lake Emma Twp. caller reported a deer ran into a window or her home, breaking the storm window, and was still alive outside the house.

Assaults/Harassment: March 14: A 257th Ave. caller wanted to speak to an officer about threatening messages on her phone;

March 15: A Nevis Twp. caller reported someone got into caller’s Snapchat account; A 110th St. caller reported a domestic incident;


March 17: A caller reported two females possibly fighting in an SUV on the side of the road, toward the median; A 460th St. caller reported that a female, against whom he was protected by a domestic abuse no-contact order, called him and told him never to contact her family again.

Burglaries/Theft: March 14: A Todd Twp. caller reported a stolen vehicle, saying he doesn’t know when or where but he is “positive” who took it; A County 6 caller reported her mail was being stolen from her mailbox;

March 15: A County 107 caller reported a possible scam, saying someone called and claimed his grandson had been in an accident;

March 16: A burglar alarm was activated in Hubbard Twp. by front door and living room motion detectors;

March 19: An Akeley caller reported a $32.39 gas drive-off.

Fires: March 13: A State Hwy. 64 caller reported an abandoned house on fire with a gate closed on the driveway;

March 15: A fire alarm was activated in Helga Twp. by a smoke detector;

March 18: An Akeley caller reported a chimney fire.


Medical: March 13: An ambulance was requested in Hubbard Twp. for a female who could not get out of bed due to back pain;

March 14: An ambulance was requested in Nevis Twp. for a 71-year-old female possibly having a heart attack; an ambulance was requested in Laporte for an older female having chest pain and high blood pressure; A 911 hang-up came from a County 109 location where an attempted callback went straight to voicemail;

March 15: An ambulance was requested in Farden Twp. for a female feeling nauseous and unwell;

March 16: An ambulance was requested in Nevis Twp. for a female who slipped and hurt her back and neck;

March 17: An ambulance was requested in the Park Rapids area for a male in a vehicle in the ditch who was grabbing his chest; An ambulance was requested in Lakeport Twp. for a diabetic who was feeling dizzy and unwell;

March 18: A medical alarm was activated in Todd Twp. with no contact with the subscriber or keyholders;

March 19: An ambulance was requested in Laporte for a customer who tripped and was bleeding from the head and was believed to be unconscious.

Miscellaneous: March 13: A Farden Twp. caller reported a figure staring at her through the window and a black sedan with no plates outside her residence, adding that the vehicle left but the figure was still outside; A Henrietta Twp. caller requested officer assistance regarding issues with a neighbor; A Hubbard Twp. caller reported damage to a roof;


March 14: A caller was suspicious after he passed three cars parked on the roadway or shoulder, one of which performed a U-turn and followed caller quite closely, then did another U-turn and went back;

March 16: On a 911 call from a 460th St. location, a little kid said “dumb ass” and hung up, and dispatch was unable to reach the number on callback; A snowmobile patrol checked on suspicious activity;

March 17: A Farden Twp. caller had questions for an officer about a vehicle left in her yard after deputies stopped it; Law enforcement was requested in Nevis to escort the basketball bus out of town; A 390th St. caller had questions for an officer about a form he received from the Census Bureau;

March 18: A 257th Caller said a neighbor’s very loud generator was keeping her awake atnight and caller wanted a deputy to check it out; A State Hwy. 64 caller reported a Pontiac four-door had been parked in his driveway for 3-4 hours with a flat tire, nobody around and without permission; An Akeley caller was suspicious about a raised-up truck that had been sitting there for a while, and caller believed at least one person was inside and another car kept coming by;

March 19: A Park Rapids caller reported finding an iPhone.

Traffic: March 13: A caller reported a GMC truck with a plow tailgating, speeding and almost hitting other vehicles;

March 14: An abandoned Pontiac Bonneville was reported, possibly creating a road hazard;

March 15: A caller requested officer assistance regarding a truck throwing sparks from its trailer; A Schoolcraft Twp. caller reported an abandoned truck that had been there for a week; Law enforcement assisted a motorist whose vehicle had its hazard lights on; A 209th Ave. caller reported someone plowing a driveway left a large amount of snow in the roadway that could damage a vehicle;


March 16: A caller reported a Swift semi being driven recklessly and swerving all over the road, and caller said it looked like the driver was possibly watching a movie;

March 17: Motorist assist was requested; A caller reported a Subaru swerving all over the road;

March 18: A vehicle with an obstructed plate was stopped; A caller reported a truck partially off the road with no hazard lights.

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