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Hubbard County Incidents: Aug. 1-7, 2022

From the Hubbard County dispatch blotter.

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Accidents: Aug. 3: A vehicle reportedly hit a tractor with a hay loader, with no injuries;

Aug. 7: A two-vehicle accident was reported with unknown injuries.

Animal Related: Aug. 1: A caller reported an injured fox, needing to be dispatched; A County 16 caller reported a neighbor’s dog keeps going in her hard; A caller reported cattle out along the roadway; An Akeley caller reported dogs attacked her dog; A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller in the Park Rapids area said he has a domestic abuse no contact order not to be on a property, but his pigs were out of the fence and almost on the highway and no one else could get them in; Beltrami County passed along a report of approximately 20 cows out of the fence;

Aug. 2: An Akeley Twp. caller reported his dog ran away from home; Law enforcement responded to cows out on County 44;

Aug. 3: A caller asked to dispatch an injured deer; A County 9 caller reported six dogs tied up outside with no water;


Aug. 4: A horse on the road was reported;

Aug. 5: A caller reported a dead deer in the middle of the road;

Aug. 6: A 470th St. caller dialed 911 to report the neighbor’s dog was in his yard and tore up the garbage, and caller wanted them to clean it up; A Farden Twp. caller complained about a neighbor’s dog in their yard; A Straight River Twp. caller reported a neighbor’s cattle was on his property again, and caller had spoken with the owner about it more than once; A deer was reported in the middle of the roadway.

Assaults/Harassment: Aug. 1: An Akeley caller reported being threatened; A Nevis caller wanted to speak to a deputy about harassment she was receiving;

Aug. 2: A County 38 caller reported someone they believed was breaking an order for protection; A 109th Ave. caller wanted to talk to an officer about being antagonized by their neighbors;

Aug. 4: An Akeley caller reported his father was threatening to turn him in for something he didn’t do;

Aug. 7: A County 45 caller reported a verbal domestic issue.

Burglaries/Theft: Aug. 1: A Henrietta Twp. caller reported a car sale scam; A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller in the Park Rapids area reported a Verizon scam;


Aug. 2: East and west overhead door motion alarms were activated at a County 40 location; A main entry alarm was tripped in Steamboat River Twp.;

Aug. 4: A County 40 caller reported a scam call; An Arago Twp. caller reported a break-in at his cabin, possibly using a screwdriver, and caller said he was missing an air conditioning unit;

Aug. 5: A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller reported the theft of a bike; An office alarm was activated on County 18 with no keyholders available; An Akeley Twp. caller reported a scam call; A 480th St. caller reported a possible scam;

Aug. 6: A front door alarm was activated in Steamboat River Twp.

Fires: Aug. 1: A fire alarm was activated by smoke detectors in Hubbard Twp.;

Aug. 3: A business fire alarm was activated at the Beltrami County line;

Aug. 6: A Lake Emma Twp. caller reported a gas leak outside their residence;

Aug. 7: A box truck was reported heavily leaking fuel.


Medical: Aug. 1: An ambulance was requested in Lake Emma Twp. for a female in a lot of pain, screaming; An ambulance was requested in Henrietta Twp. for a COVID-positive male who was dizzy and making jerking movements;

Aug. 2: An ambulance was requested in Henrietta Twp. for a female who accidentally sprayed herself in the eye with dish soap;

Aug. 3: A medical pendant alarm was pushed in Arago Twp. and the alarm company was unable to make voice contact; An ambulance was requested on County 1 for a female with a broken hip; An ambulance was requested in Helga Twp. for an elderly male with edema, weakness and trouble getting around;

Aug. 4: A medical alarm was activated on 139th Ave. for a 94-year-old female having trouble breathing; An ambulance was requested in Crow Wing Lake Twp. for a female with two knee replacements who fell on an outside deck and had pain in her left knee; An ambulance was requested on County 38 for a female having trouble breathing;

Aug. 6: An ambulance was requested on County 25 for a male who fell and reinjured a previous hip injury; An ambulance was requested for a male lying in the roadway, possibly injured; A welfare check was requested in the Park Rapids area; An ambulance was requested on 122nd St. for a 75-year-old male on the floor, confused and unable to get up;

Aug. 7: An ambulance was requested on County 13 for a 58-year-old female who was dizzy and throwing up; An ambulance was requested on 275th Ave. for a disabled person having a seizure.

Miscellaneous: Aug. 1: A White Oak Twp. caller wanted to speak with an officer about issues she was having with DirecTV;

Aug. 2: A County 13 caller said he was supposed to get his daughter per a custody order, but the mother was not returning the daughter or giving their location; A Nevis caller reported damage to the lumber mill; A Lake Emma Twp. caller wanted to speak to a deputy about his neighbors selling his property and not sending him any money; Law enforcement checked out a suspicious person who jumped out of a window; A Lakeport Twp. caller made a noise complaint about a neighbor who had built a commercial building on his property, with seven fans on the side facing caller’s home;

Aug. 3: A 130th St. caller was suspicious about a Ford truck with three people, including one sitting inside the vehicle and a male and a female walking the ditches and acting strangely, and when caller asked, the female said she was picking rocks; An open-line 911 call at the Cass County line had indistinct noises;

Aug. 4: A wallet was reported lost on a bicycle trail; A 140th St. caller reported a lost firearm; A Nevis caller reported a child custody issue; A 398th St. caller reported kids pounding on her door and running away;

Aug. 5: A caller had questions about property right-of-ways for hunting; Lost property was returned; A Lake Emma Twp. caller at a public landing said a male acting strange tipped a canoe over in the water, and caller brought him to shore;

Aug. 6: A County 1 caller reported a child custody issue; A County 39 caller wanted to speak with a deputy about her husband destroying the property; A Laporte area caller was suspicious after finding one of his vehicles running in the yard with the keys in it; A 146th St. caller had information for an officer;

Aug. 7: Two officers responded on foot to a suspicious situation; A kayaker on the Fish Hook River found a homeless person’s encampment.

Traffic: Aug. 1: Ambulance personnel reported a pickup with a camper with no headlights; Motorist assist was requested; A camper trailer was reported losing items on the roadway; A motorcycle was stopped;

Aug. 2: A Chevy pickup was reported swerving on the roadway; A Honda was reported swerving all over the roadway; A caller reported a truck with two doors at the back and no license plate did two U-turns on U.S. Hwy. 71, almost going into the ditch; Law enforcement stopped two motorcycles;

Aug. 3: Multiple boat and water violations were reported; A vehicle was reported taking a while to stop for law enforcement; An officer assisted a vehicle with a boat trailer;

Aug. 4: Multiple boat and water violations were reported; A 6th Crow Wing Lake caller complained about a boat in front of his cabin; A Lake George caller reported an ATV speeding; An ATV violation was reported; A Nissan Altima with three occupants was reported speeding up and down the roadway, its occupants yelling at caller and making inappropriate gestures; Motorist assist was requested for a vehicle with its hazard lights on;

Aug. 5: Law enforcement stopped an ATV; A State Hwy. 34 caller reported toolboxes and tools spread all over a lane of traffic; Multiple boat and water violations were reported;

Aug. 6: There were reports of a lot of glass in an intersection; Multiple boat and water violations were reported; A caller made a personal watercraft complaint; Motorist assist was requested; Law enforcement stopped an OHV;

Aug. 7: Multiple boat and water violations were reported; A watercraft was warned for failing to display its license number; Law enforcement assisted with a motorcycle run; An ATV violation was reported; A caller reported someone had barricaded access to Mud Lake; Law enforcement assisted with a vehicle on the side of the road.

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