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Hubbard County Coalition of Lake Associations (COLA) The association was organized in 1988 to facilitate cooperation among member lake associations and to assist in fostering appropriate and legal use of lakes and watersheds. To learn more about ...

Hubbard County Coalition of Lake Associations (COLA)

    The association was organized in 1988 to facilitate cooperation among member lake associations and to assist in fostering appropriate and legal use of lakes and watersheds. To learn more about COLA go to their Website at then click on Lake and River groups,  Hubbard County. COLA president Dan Kittilson may be reached at 732-5566


Hubbard County Environmental Services

    The second floor of the Hubbard County Courthouse is the best place to go for information about the Shoreland Management Ordinance, building permits, well testing, septic systems and E911 addressing. Permit application forms and regulations are available online for your convenience at or call the Environmental Services Office at 732-3890.



Hubbard County Extension Service

    The Extension Office is located at the fairgrounds in Park Rapids. Call 732-3391 for more information.


Soil and Water Conservation District

    This office is located at 212 1/2 2nd St. West, Park Rapids (co-located with city hall but accessed from the alley). Staff can assist with your soil and water issues. A variety of programs exist including cost share for qualifying erosion and water quality projects, tree and deer repellant sales, tree planter rental, surface and groundwater quality monitoring, rainfall monitoring network, nitrate testing clinics and a variety of conservation education programs for adults and youth The district manager is Shane Foley. He can be reached at 732-0121.


Natural Resources Conservation Service


    This office is located in the same building as SWCD. Richard (Rick) Berscheid, district conservationist, is a federal employee who provides technical support, including soil expertise, for local projects. Lakeshore owners are frequently referred to him for help in stabilizing disturbed soils due to building activity or septic system work in critical areas. He can recommend proper methods as well as seed mixtures. Call 732-9723.


Minnesota Department of Natural Reources (DNR)

    DNR Fisheries:Doug Kingsley is a knowledgeable contact at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Fisheries office which is located in Park Rapids on the east side of the river, just below the Fish Hook dam. Information on lake and stream surveys, shoreline alterations, aquatic plants, exotic species, boating regulations, fish consumption advisories, etc. can be found here. Lake users should report the presence and location of any exotic specimens they find to this office. Call 732-4153 or e-mail .

    DNR Wildlife: The Area Wildlife Office is located at 603 1st St. West, next to the Area ForestryOffice. Rob Naplin, Area Wildlife supervisor, and his staff conduct a variety of surveys on both plant and animal species. Information on hunting seasons, wildlife, their habitat requirements and technical assistance is available. Call 732-8452 or e-mail .

    DNR Forestry:The Forestry Office is located at 607 1st St. West. Area Forester Mark Carlstrom and his staff will help with questions you may have on your land management. These concerns may be: tree planting, timber sales, timber stand improvement, woodland stewardship plans, state land recreation, leases and easements and any questions you may have on open burning and permits.Stop in the office or call 732-3309.

    Sheriff - Boat and Water Safety Patrol: Any lake safety problems or concerns (year round) are best taken up with the Hubbard County Sheriffs Department. During the summer deputies man the Boat and Water Safety Patrol. Call 732-3331.

    Turn in Poachers:The TIPnumber is 800-652-9093. You can remain anonymous and some people accept the cash reward or wildlife print, which is offered for a TIPthat results in an arrest and conviction.



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