Hubbard County Sheriff’s deputy bitten, shoots dog

A Hubbard County deputy sheriff had an encounter with two aggressive dogs on April 10, resulting in a hand injury and the death of one of the dogs.

Graphic by Carli Greninger/Grand Forks Herald

A deputy sheriff shot a dog after being bitten Saturday, April 10 in Hubbard County.

According to a press release from the Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office, the incident occurred at 11:24 a.m. as the deputy was attempting to serve two court-ordered restraining orders at a residence southeast of Park Rapids.

As he stepped out of his squad car in the driveway, two large dogs came out of the residence and approached him aggressively. The first dog, described as a bulldog mix, tried biting the officer, but the deputy used his Taser to immobilize the animal.

The second dog, described as a pitbull, tried attacking the deputy as he retreated to his squad car, the release stated. When the deputy tried to use the Taser on the second animal, the dog bit the Taser and pulled it from the officer’s hand.

The dog continued to attack and bit the deputy’s hand, causing a severe wound. The deputy drew his gun and shot the animal to stop the attack.


After the attack, the homeowners came out of the residence and had a brief discussion with the deputy, who left the scene to receive treatment for his hand wound at CHI St. Joseph’s Health.

The second dog was euthanized by an area veterinarian due to its injuries.

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