Interim city administrator Betty Thomsen told the Park Rapids City Council on Tuesday that out of $311,607 the city received through the CARES Act, only $2,492 in unspent funds had to be returned.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security was a federal appropriation to reimburse expenses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The deadline to return unspent monies is Nov. 15. Thomsen said the check would be cut by the end of the week.

“I think we did a pretty good job of using it for immediate things in the city,” said Thomsen.

She praised city staff for tracking down invoices for eligible expenses, and said they have set up a line item in the city’s account to track similar expenditures in case the city receives similar funding in the future.

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Council member Tom Conway, who served on the CARES Act committee, said that the fourth phase of revenue replacement grants has been distributed to local businesses through the Heartland Lakes Development Commission (HLDC).

“The HLDC distributed slightly over $1.4 million to the businesses throughout the county,” he said.

Conway applauded cities, townships and government agencies throughout Hubbard County for distributing the funds to businesses impacted by the pandemic, “rather than hanging onto that money themselves and using it for whatever.”

“We probably are one of the top counties for distributing out a larger percentage to the businesses in our county,” he said. “We have received thank-yous from several businesses on the fact that this is going to get them through.”