The Hubbard County Board approved amendments to its ordinance governing county parks, making changes to parking, reservations, pet and camping regulations.

County Land Commissioner Chip Lohmeier explained at the Aug. 18 meeting that the insurance liability limits were lacking in the vendor policy portion of the ordinance.

“So we upgraded those to today’s standards,” he said. “There was also an issue of having requests to reserve certain athletic facilities in some of our parks, such as the pickleball courts and the disc golf course, and there was no avenue for that under the current ordinance.”

The revised language allows the county to review reservation requests for such amenities.

Motor vehicles may park overnight in the updated ordinance. Lohmeier said bicyclists have made this request since they take overnight rides to Cass Lake, then return the next day.

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“We changed it so that if they get a park permit, they could park in the parking lot overnight,” he said.

Hours of operation for county parks are officially between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. daily. A park permit will be necessary to use the park outside of these designated hours; for example, for community movie nights.

The revised ordinance allows unleashed dogs or pet animals only during an organized event where the animal is a participant, such as a K-9 demonstration or dog show.

Overnight camping and horse riding is prohibited in any park, except by park permit. These were previously never allowed.