Northern Hubbard County residents may have another option for dumping their garbage if the north transfer station is too far away.

County Solid Waste Administrator Josh Holte said, about a year ago, his department looked into forming an agreement with Beltrami County.

“A couple townships approached us about it,” he said at the county board’s June 9 work session. “What this agreement would do would allow residents that live in the northern end of the county to utilize the Beltrami County transfer station for their waste and recycling needs.”

To make the program work, Holte said, Beltrami County would bill Hubbard County the regular residential assessment annual rate of $149. Hubbard would pass the resident’s assessment fee through to Beltrami, he explained.

“Interested residents would contact my department, fill out a registration form,” Holte said. The county will charge an annual $35 registration fee.

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Registration information would then be sent to Beltrami County, and they would issue an ID card to the resident.

“It’s a pretty simple agreement,” Holte commented. “Our residents would go into the program being treated like Beltrami County residents, so they’d have to pay for some associated costs.” Beltrami County’s solid waste program is similar to Hubbard’s, but does have some minimum charges.

“If a lot of people do it, we might see a little bit dip in revenues, but it’s offset by the waste that’s going out of our system, too,” Holte said.

County commissioner Ted Van Kempen noted that some residents currently have to drive more than 20 miles one way to reach the north transfer station. Initially, Van Kempen said, there was talk of building a third transfer station, but then it was brought up that a lot of residents go to Bemidji to work. Van Kempen approached the Beltrami County Board.

He suggested that some Hubbard County residents close to Walker would appreciate a similar agreement with Cass County to use their transfer station.

The board agreed to place the Beltrami County agreement on the consent agenda for their June 15 meeting.