Park Rapids City Administrator Ryan Mathisrud updated the city council Tuesday about the final steps in acquiring part of the historic Armory building.

Funded by a $2.5 million state grant, the project’s purpose is to create a regional arts and events center. Last year, the city offered that amount, minus expenses, to developer Alan Zemek with Armory Square Management Corporation to purchase the Armory and its annex, excluding Vallarta’s Mexican Grill.

“Right now, they’re in the process of connecting the electric, as I understand,” Mathisrud said. “Once that’s completed, then we should be able to issue a certificate of occupancy and begin moving forward with the remainder of the paperwork with the state.”

He said he expects the connections to be made this week, citing delays at the electric company.

Asked whether an inspection of the building has been scheduled, he said, “We can’t do that until we get a call for that inspection, but we have put our building official on notice that he should expect a call shortly on that.”

Mathisrud said the attorney representing the city during the purchase “has been very diligent about each step that is required at the right time, so I anticipate that as soon as we have that (certificate of occupancy), there is going to be a whole series of items going through at about the same time. That appears to be under control at this point.”