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Early absentee voting up 150 percent in Minnesota for primary

ST. PAUL -- Absentee voting, where Minnesotans can cast their ballots from home or at their county courthouses, is up 150 percent this year so far compared to 2016, according to the Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon.

As of Thursday, July 26, 29,657 voters have cast ballots compared to 11,806 in 2016.

In the first year it was available in 2014, 9,062 people had voted by this time.

“Vote from home absentee voting has been growing in popularity since 2013 when it was passed into law in Minnesota,” said Simon. “More than halfway through the early absentee voting phase of the 2018 statewide primary election, I am thrilled at the growth we are seeing in voter participation in all corners of Minnesota. Minnesota voters in 2018 are well on their way to maintaining our best-in-the-nation status for voter participation.”

Minnesota’s primary is Aug. 14 and has several high profile races, including two U.S. Senate seats and governor.