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St. Paul mayor nixes city’s 4th of July fireworks show

Fireworks explode over CHS Field in St. Paul on June 23, 2017. (Courtesy of Jackie Scherer /

ST. PAUL -- St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter announced Wednesday, June 27, that the city won’t hold a Fourth of July fireworks display this year.

The cancellation may be a foreshadowing of what could be a difficult budget season. Carter’s announcement, posted to Facebook on Wednesday morning, cited concerns about the city’s budget climate.

“As I’ve considered the budgetary priorities we manage across our city in the first year of my administration, I’ve decided I can’t in good conscience support spending tax dollars on a fireworks display in St. Paul this year,” the mayor wrote.

Carter delivered additional remarks at City Hall shortly before noon Wednesday, where he said costs associated with a fireworks display could exceed $100,000 after insurance and public safety expenses.

The fireworks had for years been associated with the annual Taste of Minnesota celebration, which was privately-run and drew private corporate sponsors, but it no longer held.  Carter did not rule out the possibility of a major donor stepping forward.

Downtown business owners expressed disappointment because of the crowds attracted, though others said they were not entirely surprised.