Garden Stroll of Heartland Lakes: Local gardeners share summer’s splendor

Hydrangeas, Russian cypress shrubs and hostas adorn Dick and Jackie Lundstrom's home on Lake Belle Taine. They were one of eight local gardeners on the 2019 Garden Stroll.

Eight seasoned horticulturists introduced their botanical bounty to visitors Saturday.

CHI St. Joseph’s Health Auxiliary, in partnership with the Hubbard County Master Gardeners, organized the first-ever Garden Stroll of the Heartland Lakes.

Burt and Darlene Swanson use their own homemade fertilizer for their Park Rapids landscape. They utilize four inches of wood chips throughout their flower gardens, with fencing to keep deer out of their eight acres.

Mary Jane Keller calls gardening “ a healthy addiction.” With husband David, their Two Inlets Lake property features both vegetable and flower gardens, cleverly placed to brighten a dull spot or disguise something.

Maurice and Carolyn Spangler shared a few of their gardening tips, such as keeping Irish Spring bars of soap on their fruit trees to discourage deer, adding latex paint on the trunks to keep them from cracking and hanging CDs to frighten away sapsuckers.


Mike and Connie Green use an all organic approach to their gardens. They particularly enjoy growing milkweeds for migrating monarch butterflies.

Fairy gardens dominate Bonnie Moore’s yard on Bay Drive, Park Rapids. She tucks them away each fall.

Beautiful reds – from their beautiful Lake Belle Taine home to petunias, impatiens and pots – are the theme of Jackie and Dick Lundstrom’s gardens. A metal dog, made of a Ford 100 motor and other repurposed objects, was a great conversation piece.

Lush planters, pots and gardens surround Bob and Jimmie Ginn’s handbuilt log cabin near Nevis.

Sharon and Jim Dobson’s gardens have been in development for 17 years. She marked her wide variety of plants so visitors could identify them.

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