Foal makes Nevis girl's 12th birthday special

Clair Isaacson's best birthday present didn't come wrapped in fancy paper, but was a foal born that morning she later named Poppy. Submitted photo.

Clair Isaacson of Nevis received a special gift on her 12th birthday on March 24.

Although due to social distancing she couldn’t have friends or cousins over or a big party, Poppy made it a birthday she will always remember.

The foal was born on her birthday to the family’s quarter horse, Peggy, at Straight Rail Ranch, near Nevis.

“My dad texted me a picture of them on the morning of my birthday,” she said. “We went online and searched for cute names. I wanted them both to start with the same letter and thought Poppy was a cute name.”

Weekly visits to see Poppy are a special time to be with her dad and see how much the foal has grown. She also gets to ride Peggy in the indoor arena. Without being able to go out for track, she said she likes having something fun to do.


Clair said the day Poppy was born she couldn’t get too close because Peggy was very protective. “I got to touch her a little bit,” she said. “But now she has started letting me pet her more. Poppy is kind of shy, and she’s really soft. Poppy is me and my dad’s horse because we were the first ones to see her after she was born. And this week, when I went to see Poppy, she jumped up really high like she was happy to see me.”

She said having Poppy born on her birthday cheered her up and so did time with her family. “The night before my birthday we had an ice cream cake,” she said. “And on my birthday, my sister, Ava, made a cake with strawberries and I opened up presents.”

“Poppy is such a glimmer of hope and light in a very uncertain time,” Clair’s dad Justin said. “She was definitely a blessing to our family and especially Clair.”

Lorie Skarpness has lived in the Park Rapids area since 1997 and has been writing for the Park Rapids Enterprise since 2017. She enjoys writing features about the people and wildlife who call the north woods home.
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