Flipped classroom presented to Park Rapids school board

By KEVIN Park Rapids Area School math teachers gave a lesson to the school board during Monday's meeting at the Frank White Education Center. Not so much a lesson in the mathematical application sens...

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Park Rapids Area School math teachers gave a lesson to the school board during Monday’s meeting at the Frank White Education Center. Not so much a lesson in the mathematical application sense, but rather a presentation in Flipped Math Instruction.
Sixth grade math teacher Julie Cook, along with grades 7-8 math teachers Tom Ahrendt and Nic Lembcke, explained the concept to board members and visitors to the meeting.
Flipped classroom is a form of learning in which students learn content online by watching video lectures, usually at home, and traditional homework is done in class with teachers and students discussing and solving questions. Teacher interaction with students is more personalized-guidance instead of lecturing.
Cook explained to the board the students watch a video outside of class that teaches them the concepts being worked on for the next class day. The students then come to class with an understanding of the material to be presented, which allows the teachers to work with the students more on problem-solving at the school.
Ahrendt told the board the flipped classroom is a huge benefit to students, parents and the teachers. By watching instruction videos at home parents have an opportunity to learn the material as well and help the student. This allows the teachers more time to work with the students and take the time to help solve problems. Ahrendt stated to the board this method actually changes the classroom. “Our kids are learning how to learn and how to teach themselves,” he said. “It forces them to do that and it’s really neat to see.”
Lembcke commented the flipped classroom has increased MCA scores in the two years the teachers have used the methodology. The students are able to watch and re-watch videos and are able to slow down or speed up, depending on their need. “This allows for individualized learning,” Lembcke said. He added, the parents can also watch the videos and get involved in the learning.

New business
The board approved the retirement of Margaret Tate, cook, with regret and thanks for her five years of dedication to the Park Rapids Area Schools. The board also approved the following position postings for 2015-16 for the purpose of planning shifts in enrollment: two full-time equivalent for grade 5; one Alternative Learning Center full-time equivalent; one full-time equivalent high school math.

Consent Items
Approved the Park Rapids Area Minnesota Clay Target Shooting League Club; Approved Andrew Lachowitzer, head boys track coach; Approved resignation of Wendy Hartig, head gymnastics coach; Approved the resignation of Kaitlin Popanda, L.P.N.; Approved hiring Rachel Thelen, junior high track coach.

Information Items
Donations received and appreciated from Target-Take Charge of Education to Park Rapids High School ($339.30), Park Rapids Middle School ($87.91), Park Rapids Elementary ($251.14)




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