A team of student ambassadors welcomed new students this fall to Park Rapids Area High School.

According to Krystal Murphy, community career collaboration coordinator at the school, 17 juniors and seniors signed up for the group last spring.

“They wanted to help out incoming freshmen and any new high school students coming to Park Rapids,” said Murphy. “They wanted to be a welcome community. They wanted everyone to feel welcome coming to Park Rapids Schools, and helping freshmen transition from Century to the high school building.”

High school orientation was divided into two days this year, with half of the student body starting the school year Tuesday and the other half Wednesday. The ambassadors, Murphy said, served on their off day.

“These kids came in right away in the morning,” she said, “and they helped give tours to brand new students. They helped show freshmen where their classes are. They took kids one by one and went through their schedule and showed them every classroom. They spoke a bit, got to know each other, so everybody knew somebody in the building.”

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She said ensuring everyone starts the school year knowing someone is a goal of the program.

Besides the seven ambassadors serving Tuesday and six on Wednesday, Murphy said, “I have a couple doing distance learning mentoring, and I have one in the ALC” – the Alternative Learning Center.

“I have a nice little group here, willing to help out students any way they can,” she said.