The Menahga School Board approved the revised budget for 2019-20 and the proposed 2020-21 budget.

“The big difference is, when we set the budget, we did not have planned in it paying off up to $1 million on the building this year,” said Superintendent Kevin Wellen at the March 16 meeting.

In addition, some long-term facilities maintenance (LTFM) bonding projects were completed, so building fund expenditures went from the projected $1,598,250 to the revised $3,328,834, he noted.

Total revenues were higher, rising from $13,672,454 in the adopted budget to $14,142,763 in the revised one. Total expenditures changed from $15,140,673 to $17,888,758.

“So we are really pleased with where we hit on our numbers, as far as, it looks like significant changes, but it was money that was already in those funds that came out to do those activities,” Wellen said.

Board chair Andrea Haverinen asked if Wellen anticipated more budget changes due to the school closure and COVID-19 outbreak.

“Well, here’s the thing,” he said. “If it does, it does. I’ve always told you a budget is a guide, so we’ll use it as a guide and we’ll find out what happens because we can’t predict if we’re going to have more expenses, less expenses. We just don’t know.”

The 2020-21 budget breaks down like so:

  • General fund revenues are estimated at $12,015,498, with expenses at $12,718,076. This includes $600,000 for proposed remodeling in the elementary school and middle school during the summer, anticipated football equipment and a new music teaching position.

  • Food service revenues are $621,035 versus $610,622 in expenditures.

  • Community service anticipates $168,820 in revenue and $189,136 in expenses.

  • Building fund revenues are $5,000, with expenses at $850,000. This reflects LTFM bond projects for this school year.

  • Debt services are projected at $1,045,294 in revenue and $1,025,350 in expenditures.

  • The scholarship fund has $950 in revenue, $785 in expenses.

  • The student activities fund will break even with $211,947 in both revenues and expenses.

In other business, the school board did as follows:

  • Approved the purchase of 15 touch panels in an amount not to exceed $82,500.

  • Accepted a letter of resignation from retiring teacher Kerry White, thanking her for 34 years of service.

  • Accepted a letter of resignation from retiring teacher Lori Klettenberg, thanking her for 32 years of service.

  • Approved teacher contracts with elementary teacher Megan Porta and high school science teacher Gerald Snow, beginning with the 2020-21 school year, contingent upon licensure and successful background checks.

  • Adopted a resolution to not renew the contract with Ross Millar, a probationary high school teacher, due to not meeting district expectations.

  • Hired Kevin Sommers as junior varsity football coach, as recommended by Athletic Director Don Donarski. A new advisory football committee will be forming to develop the youth football program.

  • Approved a request for an E-day for the high school to accommodate hosting the solo/ensemble vocal music subsection contest on April 8.

  • Learned that prom is postponed, along with a school-sponsored trip to New Orleans.

  • Directed Wellen to get quotes for humidification of the new building. “We’re really having problems with the wood drying out and the joints separating,” he said, adding it’s the unintended result of the new addition being too efficient. “During the winter, we’d put moisture back in the air.” The project is estimated to cost about $76,000, and is still within the budget, Wellen said.

  • Authorized Wellen to get quotes for proposed remodeling in the elementary and middle schools to improve classroom and office space. Ballpark estimate is between $400,000 and $700,000, he said, but the bids will be a la carte, so the board can add or delete from the remodeling plan.

The next regular meeting is 6:30 p.m. Monday, April 20.