Nevis School food trucks have been on the move since Wednesday delivering lunch and breakfast meals to area students.

Vans are delivering sack lunches and breakfast items at three drop-off points. Monday through Friday, school district vans will stop at the T&M convenience Stores in Akeley, Nevis and Park Rapids. Vans will be on site from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., offering meals to any children birth to 18. Children do not need to be from Nevis to receive a free meal.

“We have contacted all of our families and built a list of around 150 individuals who are in need of breakfast and lunch meals,” Superintendent Gregg Parks said. “We expect this list to grow as the word of mouth continues and we will grow our capacity to accommodate every child who needs a meal. We realize the closing of the schools has created an environment of uncertainty. We hope that our lunch delivery can help families out while creating a daily routine while helping students to meet their nutritional needs.”

Parks said this has been a great cooperative venture between the school and the community. “A huge thank you needs to go out to community supporters,” he said. “Nancy Lewis for allowing us a spot to make distributions and Walmart in Park Rapids for donating the coolers. I would like to thank our team of Heidi Wormley, Krista Platz, Pat Havnes and her nutrition staff and Dascle Schmid for their planning and implementation. I am always impressed to see how leaders will emerge in times of need to get the job done.”

Sign children up for meals by contacting Kathy Edwards in the district office, 652-3500.