Beyond the school day eight girls are learning the art of quilting at Century school.

The activity, organized through the 8th Hour program, brings together members of the Crazy Quilters group in Park Rapids and middle school girls.

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Operating a sewing machine is a new experience for most of the girls.

"This is completely new to me," said Jennifer Sindt Monday afternoon. She learned how to thread a sewing machine and get started sewing together strips of fabric for a nine square quilt.

Her quilt will be green and pink.

"It's going to be so pretty when I'm done," Sindt said.

Zoey Detmers had done some sewing but hadn't worked on a machine before. She's excited to learn and for the opportunities it will likely bring to her.

"I'm happy I get to do this because I might get to help with costumes now for the theater," she said.

Detmers and her family have worked with Minnesota Folklore Theater in Walker.

Sue Harmon was busy making stops at each girls' work station to make sure they were on track.

Sewing the strips became a bit tedious and some of the girls started picking up the pace, only to be told they were "speeding." The girls also learned how to take out stitching.

Jenna Splittstoesser said she is making her quilt for her cousin. It will be about 45 inches square when completed.

The girls will continue to learn the art of quilting each Monday after school. They plan to show off their quilts once they are completed.