The Nevis Tech-No-Tigers robotics team competed in the Lake Superior Regional at Duluth March 5-7, finishing 13th out of 63 teams.

"At the end of the qualification matches we were ranked 21st.," team mentor Olaf Netteberg said. "We were then invited to join the 7th place alliance as their first choice. In the quarter finals we lost two matches and were eliminated. Based on where we were picked and then based on how we were eliminated, the 13th place is the most accurate if you were to 'place' all 63 teams."

“During Alliance selections we were chosen by the seventh-seed alliance captain, team 2861 Infinity's End,” senior team member Michael Wegscheid said. “Together, we selected team 4230, TopperBots, to join our alliance. We lost to the second-seed alliance during the quarterfinals. The first match was 100 to 113 and the second match was 164 to 135. Overall, we had a pretty good competition. The robot had very few problems, and the problems we did have were easy fixes and things that we did to improve our robot.”

Wegscheid said due to the threat of coronavirus, students were told not to give high fives, handshakes or fist bumps.

“Though we didn’t win any awards, the regional was a learning experience and a great way to improve and prepare for Milwaukee next week,” senior Sierra Wroolie said.

The next robotics competition on the Nevis schedule is the Wisconsin Regional at the Panther Arena in Milwaukee March 18-22. The winners in this 64-team competition will earn a trip to the World Championship.