The Park Rapids School District showed no change in K-12 student enrollment as of Sept. 3, the first day of school, compared to last year.

Meantime, the Menahga and Nevis schools reported modest increases in enrollment, while the Laporte school’s first-day enrollment went down.

Enrollment typically fluctuates throughout the school year.

Park Rapids Area Schools

Total K-12 enrollment at Park Rapids Area Schools is 1,615 – exactly level with the 1,615 students enrolled in fall 2018.

Century Elementary School started the 2019-20 school year with 626 students, a decrease of 17 from last year’s 643. As of Sept. 3, there are 134 kindergartners (seven sections), 129 first graders (six sections), 120 second graders (six sessions), 125 third graders (five sections) and 118 fourth graders (six sections).

Century Middle School’s student body (grades 5-8) totals 519, a decrease of 40 compared to last year’s 559 students. The classes are as follows: 133 fifth graders (six sections), 118 sixth graders (five sections), 144 seventh graders (six sections) and 124 eighth graders (five sections).

Park Rapids Area High School had 470 students enrolled in grades 9-12, with 159 freshmen, 119 sophomores, 93 juniors and 99 seniors. This total was 57 more than the 413 high school students enrolled a year ago.

Also enrolled were 28 early childhood students and 13 high school Alternative Learning Center students, bringing total enrollment districtwide to 1,656. Plus, the district had 77 pre-K students enrolled as of Sept. 3, although preschool classes start on Sept. 9.

Menahga School District

Menahga welcomed eight additional high school students this fall. As of opening day, the total student body is 1,051 compared to 1,043 last year.

Menahga Elementary School (K-4) began the 2019-20 school year with 389, identical to last year. The breakdown is as follows: kindergarten (80), first grade (73), second grade (74), third grade (78) and fourth grade (84).

The middle school, fifth through eighth grade, greeted 352 students on Sept. 3, the same as last year. There are currently 86 fifth graders, 93 sixth graders, 88 seventh graders and 85 eighth graders.

Menahga High School has 310 students this fall, with 84 freshmen, 92 sophomores, 74 juniors and 60 seniors. Last year, the high school housed 302 students total.

Nevis Public Schools

Enrollment at Nevis School was 623 on the first day of school, with 347 elementary students and 276 enrolled in high school. That is up 1 student from the 622 enrolled on the first day of school last year.

The breakdown is as follows: kindergarten (46), first grade (43), second grade (39), third grade (44), fourth grade (44), fifth grade (40), sixth grade (51), seventh grade (55), eighth grade (48), freshmen (49), sophomores (49), juniors (39) and seniors (35). There are 40 students enrolled in the pre-kindergarten program which begins next week.

Laporte School

The Laporte School had a total enrollment of 334 on the first day of school, down 32 from last year’s first-day enrollment of 366, including 54 in preschool, 130 elementary students (K-5), 95 middle schoolers (grades 6-8) and 81 high school students (grades 9-12).

These numbers further break down to 31 kindergartners, 31 first graders, 30 second graders, 18 third graders, 23 fourth graders, 28 fifth graders, 38 sixth graders, 27 seventh graders, 30 eighth graders, 27 freshmen, 19 sophomores, 25 juniors and 10 seniors.