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KinderCamp: Cracker crunchers sink their teeth into kindergarten

Century kindergarten teacher Ky Deblieck has a fun moment one-on-one with a future member of the Class of 2032 during snack time Thursday.1 / 3
Future friends share a milk and graham cracker snack during Kinder Camp Thursday in Rebecca Penning's classroom at Century School.2 / 3
Kindergarten teacher Zac Erickson reads a book about a bear that mistakes a watermelon for a donkey egg to a group of prospective kindergartners during KinderCamp Thursday at Century School. (Photos by Robin Fish/Enterprise)3 / 3

Members of the Class of 2032 experienced an advance taste of kindergarten Thursday and Friday during KinderCamp at Century School.

Teachers Zac Erickson, Ky Deblieck and Rebecca Penning entertained a different group of kindergarten-ready children each day, supported by a number of classroom aides.

Dannon Kietzman, an elementary special education teacher at the school, floated between the classrooms in case the teachers needed help.

KinderCamp "gives kids opportunities to come in and get the lay of the land, and see a little bit more of what it's going to be like," said Kietzman. "It lessens some of the anxiety levels for kids, and it gives staff a good understanding of who's coming in, to prepare us for helping them when they're here in kindergarten."

"KinderCamp is important," Deblieck said, "because it gives the kids a feel for what kindergarten is going to be about. It's good for them to be able to see each other, interact with each other and learn what we do here. It's a nice transition for when they come in the fall."

During the day, she said, her KinderCamp class did circle time, calendar time, a project, a story.

"They get to have lunch here in the cafeteria, recess outside and a short bus ride," she added.