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Sprinkler causes flooding at Nevis School

The extreme cold last week, followed by temperatures in the 20s Saturday, caused flooding in the basement of the Nevis Community Education building.

"A sprinkler head in our community education building froze during the coldest part of the week and then burst when it warmed up," Superintendent Gregg Parks said. "It flooded most of the basement with six to eight inches of water. We are not sure of the extent of the damage."

The basement is used by the community education program for storage.

"An alarm did go off while we had our robotics team working within the building at around 2 p.m. Saturday," Parks said. "They were not able to figure out what the issue was to troubleshoot, and initially thought it was an error. I was called by one of our staff members, and we started to figure out what the issue was causing the alarm. The Nevis Fire Department and Justin Isaacson from Ike's Heating were called to address the alarm. When Isaacson arrived, he identified that the sprinkler pipe had burst and was flooding the basement. He really was the hero of the day by acting quickly to assess the situation and work to get the water under control. Between Isaacson and Brent Nicklason from the fire department, they were able to locate the valves for the system and turned the water off."

The Nevis Fire Department used water pumps to remove all of the water from the basement.

"We want to thank everyone involved from Ike's Heating and the Nevis Fire Department for their quick actions," Parks said. "The damage could have been much worse without them being on the scene."

Parks said the school is working with a company to dry the building and items stored in the basement to prevent potential mold issues.