School districts release student enrollment figures


Park Rapids and Menahga school districts reported modest growth in student enrollment, while Nevis saw a slight decline. These are the totals as of Sept. 4, the first day of school. Enrollment often fluctuates slightly throughout the school year.

Park Rapids Area Schools

Total K-12 enrollment at Park Rapids Area Schools is 1,615 — up 57 from the 1,558 students in fall 2017-18. Century Elementary School is starting the 2018-19 school year with 643 students, an increase of 34 from last year's 609. As of Sept. 4, there are 137 kindergartners (six sections), 123 first graders (six sections), 125 second graders (six sessions), 117 third graders (five sections) and 141 fourth graders (six sections).

Century Middle School's student body (grades 5-8) totals 559, an increase of 40 compared to last year's 519 students. The classes are as follows: 124 fifth graders (five sections), 148 sixth graders (six sections), 131 seventh graders (five sections) and 156 eighth graders (six sections).

Park Rapids Area High School greeted 413 students on the first day of school, with 116 freshmen, 95 sophomores, 104 juniors and 98 seniors. A year ago, 430 high school students were enrolled. The district also had 65 pre-K students enrolled as of Sept. 4, although preschool classes start on Sept. 10.

Menahga School District

Menahga welcomed 28 additional students this fall. As of opening day, the total student body is 1,043 compared to 1,015 last year. Menahga Elementary School (K-4) began the 2018-19 school year with 389, a decrease of seven compared to last year. The breakdown is as follows: kindergarten (69), first grade (78), second grade (76), third grade (87) and fourth grade (79). The middle school, fifth through eighth grade, greeted 352 students on Sept. 5. Last year, there were 354 middle schoolers. There are currently 93 fifth graders, 86 sixth graders, 84 seventh graders and 89 eighth graders. Menahga High School has 302 students this fall, with 101 freshmen, 76 sophomores, 65 juniors and 60 seniors. Last year, the high school housed 251 students total.

Nevis Public Schools

Total Pre-K through grade 12 enrollment at Nevis Public School on the first day of school was 622 students, a decrease of 21 students from last year's first-day enrollment of 643 students.

"This number is very close to our budget number of 620," Superintendent Gregg Parks said.

"We had lost some students last year before the year began. They were enrolled but never attended. We also had several large families move during the year to pursue employment opportunities elsewhere."

There are 317 students in grades K-6, 265 in grades 7-12 and 40 pre-K students.

The breakdown of enrollment numbers is as follows:kindergarten (43), first grade (42), second grade (46), third grade (44), fourth grade (39), fifth grade (48) and sixth grade (55).

The high school enrollment of 265 comprises 44 seventh graders, 44 eighth graders, 50 ninth graders, 39 sophomores, 46 juniors and 42 seniors.

Laporte School

The Laporte School had a total enrollment of 366 on the first day of school, including 51 in preschool, 123 elementary students, 110 middle schoolers and 82 high school students. The breakdown is as follows: 20 3-year-olds, 31 4-year-olds, 30 kindergartners, 30 first graders, 17 second graders, 22 third graders, 24 fourth graders, 36 fifth graders, 25 sixth graders, 27 seventh graders, 22 eighth graders, 18 freshmen, 25 sophomores, 17 juniors and 22 seniors.