A fake $100 bill, designed as a movie prop, was recently passed at a Park Rapids area business.

The Park Rapids Downtown Business Association (DBA) raised the alert Monday, Oct. 25, saying that a DBA member advised that “fake movie prop money” may be circulating in the area.

Attached to the alert were images of the front and back of the bill, which looks similar to a U.S. $100 bill when viewed at a distance but, up close, contains several clues that it is, indeed, funny money.

Both sides of the bill repeatedly describe it as “prop money” for “motion picture purposes.” It also states that “it is not legal tender” and “in props we trust.” Signatures on the front of the bill are ascribed to the “treasurer of the secretary” and “secretary of the treasurer.”

Police Chief Jeff Appel said a bank turned over the counterfeit bill on Oct. 19 after it was deposited by a business in Hubbard County. Because it was outside city jurisdiction, the case was referred to the Hubbard County Sheriff’s Office for investigation.

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Appel said he was unaware of any downtown business being handed phony bills. However, he recalled some counterfeit bills being passed in the summer of 2020.

Sheriff Cory Aukes said his office followed up with staff at a T&M Express, but there are currently no suspects in the case.

“With how obvious the bills are marked and with the counterfeit markers that staff use to check bills, it was obviously an error on staff’s part,” said Aukes, referring to pens used to check for counterfeit bills.