Accidents: Aug. 20: A County 5 caller reported a male rolled his vehicle, was picked up and dropped back off and was now at the end of caller’s driveway, apparently impaired;

Aug. 22: A caller hit a mailbox when he swerved to miss a deer;

Aug. 24: Becker County requested assistance with a one-vehicle rollover with trapped occupants; A two-vehicle accident was reported.

Animal Related: Aug. 19: A County 93 caller reported an aggressive dog came toward her while she was cycling; A State Hwy. 34 caller reported a cow out of the pasture; A 139th Ave. caller reported two dogs on their property;

Aug. 20: A horse on the roadway was reported; A County 91 caller reported horses were spread out eating dirt, and it didn’t look like any hay or grass was in the field; Cows on the roadway were reported; A caller found a scared dog and wanted advice on what to do;

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Aug. 21: A 219th Ave. caller said he keeps finding the halters for his horse and donkey cut off and wanted to know the regulations for “no trespass” signs; A caller reported a deer hit by a vehicle was still alive;

Aug. 22: A brown horse was reported in the ditch; An Akeley caller reported a dog tied to a tree and another in a vehicle with no windows cracked; A caller who was on the river reported what sounded like a dog in extreme distress off County 13; A van rolled and airbags deployed;

Aug. 23: A caller reported a large number of cows out of the pasture; Cows on the highway were reported; A 307th Ave. caller reported a missing chocolate Lab wearing a faded color with a gold tag that has the owner’s contact information; A female husky with a harness and no tags was reported missing; Three black Angus cows were reported in the woods at the east entrance to Itasca State Park; A caller found a German shepherd-husky mix with a gray-blue collar and no tags;

Aug. 24: A 189th Ave. caller reported two German shepherds without collars missing since the night before; Cows on the road were reported; An Akeley caller asked that a deputy transport his cat to a vet, saying he feels it is time for the 15-year-old cat to pass on;

Aug. 25: A caller said she was bitten by a neighbor’s dog during her walk and the wound bled, and caller wanted advice on what to do but did not want medical attention.

Assaults/Harassment: Aug. 19: A State Hwy. 87 caller reported a disturbance involving people who went back by caller’s propane tank, and when approached by caller’s son went out front and threw rocks at the house; A Nevis caller reported a violation of an order for protection; A Lakeport Twp. caller reported a domestic altercation in which his son refused to hand over his phone and pushed caller; A Laporte caller reported a male came into the bar yelling and disturbing other customers;

Aug. 20: A 323rd Ave. caller reported a dispute with the occupants of a Ford F-150 who followed caller home until caller told them to leave and had apparently been drinking;

Aug. 21: A 167th Ave. caller said strangers were pulling up to her residence because of Facebook posts by her deceased roommate’s family members; A Farden Twp. caller reported two intoxicated females trying to get in the house, adding that they left but now it sounded like someone was walking around the house; A Laporte caller reported a violent customer did not leave but was riding a bike around; A Lakeport Twp. caller was concerned for the safety of people in the area due to an “extremely deranged” person who was screaming obscenities; A jail inmate was reported contacting victims;

Aug. 22: A 380th St. caller said her ex was taking a machete to his father’s truck while his 4-year-old son was in the vehicle; A 380th St. caller reported a disturbance involving a male who shouldn’t be there;

Aug. 23: Bemidji transferred an open-line 911 call from U.S. Hwy. 71 in Hubbard County on which dispatch could hear adults arguing and yelling; A County 18 caller reported being harassed by a former employee;

Aug. 24: A 190th St. caller who was posting flyers for a missing dog reported a kid calling them recently and leaving harassing voicemails that were turning into threats; An Akeley caller reported an unruly customer with a baseball bat causing a disturbance;

Aug. 25: A 406th St. caller reported a possible violation of an order for protection; A 230th St. reported harassment.

Burglaries/Theft: Aug. 19: A caller reported the theft of AirPods; A front door alarm was tripped on County 37 and alarm company couldn’t reach keyholders;

Aug. 20: A Farden Twp. caller reported meter tampering;

Aug. 22: A living room motion alarm was activated in Lake Emma Twp.; A residential burglar alarm was tripped in Henrietta Twp.;

Aug. 23: An Akeley caller reported a $39.46 gas drive-off that occurred Aug. 21;

Aug. 24: A basement motion alarm was activated in Lake Emma Twp. and keyholders could not be reached; A County 80 caller reported fraud; A kitchen hallway motion alarm and a kitchen hallway door alarm were tripped on State Hwy. 87; A White Oak Twp. caller reported the garage at their cabin was broken into overnight;

Aug. 25: A front door alarm was activated on County 12 and no keyholder could be reached.

Fires: Aug. 19: A Solway caller reported a camper having a fire during the burning ban;

Aug. 20: A State Hwy. 34 caller reported smelling smoke coming from the south; An out-of-county report of a possible vehicle fire was forwarded to Wadena County; A 169th Ave. caller reported someone was burning in their yard;

Aug. 21: An alarm at the end of a long driveway at the Cass County line was reported going off for 15 hours;

Aug. 22: A Spider Lake caller reported lots of smoke in the area;

Aug. 24: A 129th Ave. caller reported a small fire in the ditch.

Medical: Aug. 19: An ambulance was requested on 170th St. for a male who was vomiting blood and had a hernia; An ambulance was requested for a male who passed out on a bike trail; An ambulance was requested in Farden Twp. for a male having bad stomach pains;

Aug. 20: An ambulance was requested on County 4 for a female with a sinus infection and fluid behind the ears, feeling dizzy and unable to get a blood pressure reading; An ambulance was requested on U.S. Hwy. 71 for a possible heart attack; An ambulance was requested in Park Rapids for a female having heart issues;

Aug. 22: An ambulance was requested for someone lying in the ditch; An ambulance was requested on County 97 for an 89-year-old male having trouble breathing; An ambulance was requested in Henrietta Twp. for leg and groin pain and a lump;

Aug. 23: An ambulance was requested on County 6 for a 79-year-old male who fell and couldn’t get up; An ambulance was requested in Akeley for an 82-year-old male who was unable to get up off the floor;

Aug. 25: A medical alarm was activated on County 16 for a male who reported tingling in his hands and arms; A medical alarm button was pushed on 235th St. but there was no contact with the subscriber.

Miscellaneous: Aug. 19: A Bemidji area caller reported two males tried to enter a bar and were staggering around in the parking lot; A caller reported a suspicious vehicle that took off when approached; A caller reported losing a deerskin-colored wallet that he left on top of his car with his Social Security card in it on County 1; A suspicious male was described being weird at a beach, leaving when a couple of moms called for help and walking out of town; An open-line 911 call from Park Rapids had quiet talking in the background and no answer on callback; A 420th St. female reported a male was violating his probation in Prior Lake, but caller did not listen when advised she should contact that agency; A business check was requested in Nevis;

Aug. 20: A caller requested officer assistance when their ladder fell and they were stuck on the roof; A caller was suspicious about a tanker pumping water from a lake; A 145th Ave. caller reported a custody dispute, saying a father was going to the residence to take a 17-year-old who did not want to go; A 145th Ave. caller reported someone dropped off their truck with the windows broken out; A Crow Wing Lake Twp. caller reported being unable to reach the power company to report an outage;

Aug. 21: A caller at the Cass County line reported something in the neighbor’s yard had been beeping for a while and caller felt they should be checked on; CHI St. Joseph’s Health had a female who needed to be transported to Pine Manor per a court order; A male wanted to speak to an officer about his daughter holding his money hostage; A Lakeport Twp. caller erported four kids in a sedan shooting a pellet gun out of the vehicle; A County 7 caller reported St. Cloud State hockey players were passing drinks to minors walking to a cabin on Boulder Lake;

Aug. 22: A County 45 caller reported her children were not returned when they were supposed to be; A Nevis caller reported a suspicious Dodge Neon was in the parking lot when caller arrived at work at 4 a.m., looking like it was broken into overnight; A County 1 caller said the mailbox was damaged at a neighboring house for sale; A County 13 caller was suspicious about teenagers in his business who were carrying a gas can;

Aug. 23: A Park Rapids caller complained about drones flying overhead for three days and making him agitated; Personnel went to assist Cass County; A 275th Ave. caller reported a FedEx truck driving up and down the road, and caller suspected it was being driven by someone who does not work for FedEx; An officer checked out a suspicious female on a bicycle who was looking inside vehicles; A 257th Ave. caller reported a property line dispute; A courtesy transport to Akeley was requested; A 323rd Ave. caller reported hearing a lot of gunfire; A Todd Twp. caller reported a suspicious person in their front yard who then ran to the back toward caller’s garage; Officer assist was requested for a 5-year-old sitting on the side of the road; A suspicious vehicle was reported;

Aug. 24: A Henrietta Twp. caller requested assistance with a vehicle that was left at his place; Resort checks were requested on County 23 and County 84; An abandoned boat was reported parked in the weeds; Resort checks were requested on 269th Ave. and State Hwy. 34; A resort check was requested in Nevis Twp.; A resort check was requested on 200th St.; Another resort check was requested in Nevis Twp.; Resort checks were requested on County 18, County 2 and County 80;

Aug. 25: A male requested assistance after dropping his phone while riding a bike; A resort check was requested in Lake Emma Twp.; A caller wanted to speak with an officer; A caller questioned whether he can target-shoot on county land; Two resort checks were requested on County 24; An officer assisted a male by Akeley city hall; A business check was requested in Nevis; A female called 911 from County 33 sounding upset but said it was an accident, and hung up when asked for her name and did not answer when called back; A 170th St. caller complained about neighbors running a log cutter and wondered whether there is an ordinance against it; A County 16 caller wondered if someone could come over and plug her TV back in.

Traffic: Aug. 19: A pickup with a topper was reported swerving all over the road; A four-door car was reported speeding and crossing both lines;

Aug. 20: A motorist assist was requested; A four-door car was reported blocking the roadway; A caller reported someone doing burnouts at an intersection for the last 15 minutes, describing it as an ongoing issue; A car was reported driving at 30 mph with its flashers but no headlights on and swerving all over the road; A sedan was reported swerving all over both sides of the road;

Aug. 21: A pedal bike was reported in a lane of travel with a headlight but no rear light or reflectors; A loud vehicle with yelling occupants was reported going up and down a road; A Nevis Twp. caller reported a two-door car that kept racing past the car show at Budget Exteriors at about 80 mph; A County 25 caller reported ATVs driving down the middle of the road; Personnel provided traffic control in Park Rapids; A motorist requested help changing a tire on State Hwy. 34;

Aug. 22: A pickup pulling a trailer was stopped; A 398th St. caller reported ATVs and dirt bikes racing up and down the road, scaring caller’s animals; An officer provided a motorist assist;

Aug. 23: A Honda car was reported leaving Beltrami County southbound on U.S. Hwy. 71 with no headlights;

Aug. 24: MnDOT requested buoys for the State Hwy. 64 project; A caller reported a Chrysler 300 repeatedly coming close to caller’s bumper, then coming up the side of caller’s car and returning to his bumper, possibly having road rage; A Nevis caller reported a GMC Sierra southbound on County 2 with an intoxicated male driver;

Aug. 25: A boater was warned for carrying no fire extinguisher; A boater was warned for carrying no throwable flotation aid; A boater was warned for carrying no horn or whistle; A Park Rapids caller had questions about ATV and dirt bikes operating on their street; An officer assisted a motorist with a flat tire.