Accidents: July 23: A County 6 caller reported that a vehicle had a tire fly off and hit the door of a storage unit, and when the driver went to retrieve their car, the storage unit door wasn’t secured;

July 27: A mail truck was reportedly involved in an accident with no injuries; An onboard navigation system reported an accident and said they had no contact with the subscriber;

July 28: A vehicle off the road was reported.

Animal Related: July 22: A squad vehicle hit a deer; A caller reported two white dogs running around on the road and wanted advice on what to do with them;

July 23: A caller reported cattle out of the pasture; A Laporte caller reported a kitten was stuck in the ductwork under his house and it was driving him crazy; A caller found a “Lassie” collie with a pink collar and no tag;

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July 24: A caller reported little kids with bikes and dogs brought traffic to a halt; A vehicle hit a bear but no injuries were reported and the bear’s location was unknown;

July 25: A Todd Twp. caller complained about two small, stray poodles that keep going by her home and then onto the highway;

July 26: A Nevis caller found a dog on the Heartland Trail, took it home with her and reported it has a collar with a leash and a rope hooked to it but no tags; A Nevis caller said they had taken in a dog that they wanted picked up and taken to Headwaters Animal Shelter;

July 27: A caller found three dogs on the roadway with no collars, and requested help transporting them to a shelter;

July 28: A Mantrap Twp. caller reported possible animal neglect at a neighbor’s house; A County 12 caller reported a black cow on the road; A caller reported an injured deer that may need to be dispatched.

Assaults/Harassment: July 23: A Farden Twp. caller reported her ex was threatening to come to her home;

July 24: A dispute or disturbance was reported regarding a male and a female in a Chevy Suburban;

July 26: A 474th St. caller reported issues with an employee who was recently let go;

July 27: A 209th Ave. caller reported issues with their neighbors violating a court order; A Park Rapids caller reported a dispute between his mother and another relative;

July 28: A 200th St. caller reported a violation of an order for protection.

Burglaries/Theft: July 22: A County 6 caller reported the theft of a motorcycle; A Nevis Twp. caller said he lost his wallet and it was returned to his porch with his driver’s license and three credit cards stolen; An Akeley Twp. caller reported the theft of a boat; A U.S. Hwy. 2 caller reported his ex-girlfriend took his vehicle; A Nevis Twp. caller wanted someone to talk to his son about trading items that could be fake or stolen;

July 23: A patio alarm was tripped on 219th Ave.; A Henrietta Twp. caller reported his neighbor clear-cut on his property;

July 24: A County 93 caller reported someone fraudulently using their card information to make purchases in Colorado;

July 25: A 109th Ave. caller caught her 7-year-old stealing again and wanted to talk with an officer; A cabin entry door alarm was activated in Farden Twp.; A public entrance door alarm was tripped at Itasca State Park and alarm company was trying to reach key holders but getting no answer;

July 26: A White Oak Twp. caller reported a possible scam email and follow-up phone calls;

July 27: A front door alarm was activated in Thorpe Twp.; A Hubbard Twp. caller reported his flotation pad was taken during the night; A silent panic alarm was activated in Henrietta Twp.;

July 28: A basement door alarm was activated in Henrietta Twp.; A back door alarm was activated in Thorpe Twp.; A 200th St. caller reported theft by deception; A shop service door alarm was activated on County 6.

Fires: July 23: A smoke/fire alarm was activated in Park Rapids;

July 24: An caller reported lightning struck a tree and it was on fire, but the fire was not spreading; A Nevis Twp. caller reported that the power went out and came back on, and now every smoke alarm in the house was going off and caller couldn’t turn them off as they were wired alarms;

July 25: A house fire was reported in Crow Wing Lake Twp.; A residential fire alarm was activated on County 81;

July 26: A fire alarm was activated in Clay Twp.;

July 27: A caller reported his neighbor was burning brush with five-foot flames while only agency-approved permits were allowed and no permits were active;

July 28: A shop building sprinkler water flow alarm was activated in Laporte.

Medical: July 23: An ambulance was requested on County 25 for a male who fell, suffering a laceration on his head, some bruising and hip pain; An ambulance was requested in Akeley for a male with a high temperature and low blood pressure; An ambulance was requested in Lakeport Twp. for a female having trouble breathing; An ambulance was requested on U.S. Hwy. 71 for a male who fell from a chair to the floor;

July 24: An ambulance was requested for an Akeley female who fell and possibly had a broken leg; An ambulance was requested in Helga Twp. for a 52-year-old female who kept passing out; An ambulance was requested on County 93 for a 65-year-old male who recently had a stint put in, described as dizzy, clammy and unable to sit upright; An ambulance was requested in Farden Twp. for a male on a boat who was having a seizure; An ambulance was requested in Akeley for someone having a panic attack after using marijuana;

July 25: An ambulance was requested on U.S. Hwy. 71 for a male with COPD and a high heart rate; An ambulance was requested on 344th St. for two 70-year-olds who were confused and tested positive for COVID-19;

July 26: An ambulance was requested in Clay Twp. for a female who was losing blood and passed out, possibly having a miscarriage; An ambulance was requested at the Cass County Line by a male who thought his heart was going to give out;

July 27: An ambulance was requested in Todd Twp. for a 74-year-old male who fell out of bed; An ambulance was requested for a female having a panic attack in a Subaru Crosstrek on the side of the road;

July 28: An ambulance was requested for a female in a Honda on the side of the road who was having trouble with her eyes and starting to go numb on her right side; An ambulance was requested on 165th Ave. for a male who told a friend he wasn’t feeling well; An ambulance was requested at Itasca State Park for an elderly male possibly suffering heat exhaustion; An ambulance was requested for possible heat exhaustion or heat stroke; An ambulance was requested on County 40 for a male who was choking and going into spasms.

Miscellaneous: July 22: An officer aided Cass County in the stop of a suspicious vehicle; A caller was suspicious about a Ford Focus and another vehicle that sat outside an entrance for 10 minutes, then left in opposite directions; A wallet was found and the owner was contacted to pick it up; An officer checked out two females taking pictures of the pipeline; A County 13 caller believed someone trespassed on his father’s property during the night; A deputy received a call from pipeline security saying people were shooting video near the site and they left in a hurry; Occupants of a vehicle were reported claiming to be looking for the Shell River campground, arguing that there is a horse trail there and asking how authorities planned to stop them from riding horses on the trail, though it was noted there is no horse trail in the area; A business check was requested in Nevis;

July 23: A caller had questions about buoys and cutting reeds; An open-line 911 call from 114th St. had a very scratchy connection but voices could be heard; A suspicious vehicle with six occupants was reported; A resort check was requested on State Hwy. 87; A caller reported kids on the floating dock were pulling up all the concrete blocks; Three resort checks were requested in Nevis Twp.; A resort check was requested on County 13; Two resort checks were requested on County 33; A 470th St. caller reported an unknown female trespassed on their property;

July 24: A 911 hang-up caller from 200th St., when called back, said he put his phone in the cup holder and it dialed 911; An officer found suspicious footprints; A 911 hang-up caller from County 50, when called back, said it was a misdial and there was no emergency; Personnel patrolled the Nevis 5K run; A Crow Wing Lake Twp. caller reported a pine tree fell on his neighbor’s roof, causing damage; A caller requested assistance getting her children back from her sister and her mother; A wallet was found on U.S. Hwy. 71 and the owner was contacted; Personnel patrolled the Nevis parade; A 911 hang-up number, when called back, went straight to voicemail; A caller complained that his corner lot was filled with protesters and his “no trespassing signs” were kicked over; A caller complained about fireworks being shot off; A Fern Twp. caller reported a male trespasser in their yard; A fireworks complaint was reported in Todd Twp.; An officer checked out a suspicious male;

July 25: A cell phone panic alarm was tripped in Helga Twp.; A caller who has custody of her grandkids wanted an officer to go to their mother’s house to get medication; A caller reported an abandoned vehicle on a roadway caller is putting in to build on some land; A caller reported an unlicensed kayak fell off their vehicle after they left Itasca State Park; A 911 hang-up caller in Lake Emma Twp., when called back, said his phone was sitting on the table and it dialed 911 but there was no emergency; A 109th Ave. caller reported a group of trespassers camping at an abandoned property and stacking wood on the road;

July 26: An officer stopped a suspicious vehicle; An open-line 911 call came from a U.S. Hwy. 2 location; A County 18 caller suspected that neighbors had made an ATV trail through their property; A caller complained about noise at an encampment, sounding like speaking and music through a megaphone;

July 27: A Straight River Twp. caller complained about protesters crawling into the pipe; A small SUV pulling a personal watercraft was reported leaving without being inspected; Workers requested assistance regarding protesters in the river; A Lakeport Twp. caller requested assistance picking up her 4-year-old child; A cell phone panic alarm was activated in Helga Twp.; A County 119 caller reported a bullet hole appeared in his garage within the last 18 hours; A caller wanted to speak with a deputy about a tenant in his property on County 19;

July 28: An open-line 911 call in Henrietta Twp. had a lot of noise and echo, possibly talking in a background, and went to voicemail upon callback; A Nevis business asked for a deputy to drive by after they closed after asking a male to leave who made staff uncomfortable; An Akeley caller said a camper who was given written notice to leave by 9 a.m. was refusing; A County 13 caller reported child custody issues; A caller was suspicious about two vehicles that drove by very slowly and another vehicle that had no license plates; A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller near Bemidji reported finding property; A County 13 caller complained about parental rights being denied; A business check was requested in Nevis; A caller was suspicious about two drones flying overhead; A 317th Ave. caller was suspicious about a vehicle that pulled into their driveway and turned off its lights.

Traffic: July 22: A 270th St. caller had a UTV question; A young male on was reported driving a side-by-side on the road, almost crossing the white line; A Chrysler Town and Country was reported swerving across the lines, possibly with an intoxicated driver; There were reports of wood and tire parts in a lane of traffic; A Duck Lake caller complained about semis driving around the lake, and caller thought there should be more signs to prevent this; A caller was suspicious about a boat traveling around on their lake with no lights on, possibly connected with recent thefts;

July 23: There were reports about dump trucks hauling sand that were losing a lot of sand; A pickup was reported driving recklessly, swerving and at irregular speed; A caller reported a four-wheeler repeatedly driving up and down the driveway at high speed, and caller said the driver knows not to be there; A caller complained about a small car with really loud exhaust, spreading in a 45 mph zone while kids were in the area; A caller was curious about the speed limit after being yelled at by some men in the area; A pickup was reported driving with no lights on at night; A report of a car swerving all over the road was transferred from Beltrami County;

July 24: A four-door sedan was reported stopped with a male walking around it, possibly having car trouble; A Hubbard caller had questions about pipeline trucks’ lights at night; A 229th Ave. caller had questions about Type 2 ATVs; A caller reported that when he helped two boys on a paddle board get back to shore, one of the boards flew up and damaged caller’s pontoon top; An officer assisted a couple of vehicles stopped with their flashers on; A vehicle with four or five occupants was stopped; A Fern Twp. caller complained about 10-12 people on four-wheelers speeding up and down the road, possibly heading to the Becida bar; A caller reported an erratic driver who flipped caller off and was now tailgating;

July 25: A caller reported a Dodge pickup swerving all over the road, crossing the centerline and almost causing accidents; An officer assisted a vehicle on the side of U.S. Hwy. 71; A caller reported an intoxicated driver in a pickup pulling a pontoon, leaving toward Nevis; A male was reported standing in the roadway, waving his arms, forcing caller to swerve; A caller reported two people jumped out in front of a semi; A driver was reported speeding, almost going into the ditch and almost having a head-on collision with another car;

July 26: A caller complained about the speed of pipeline trucks crossing the Shell River;

July 27: A County 40 caller reported someone blocking an ATV trailer with logs at his driveway; A careless driver was stopped; An officer responded to four suspicious vehicles stopping on County 111;

July 28: Personnel patrolled a funeral procession; A semi truck was reported sitting in the middle of the road.