Accidents: June 10: A minor, two-vehicle accident with no injuries was reported; A caller reported his son’s pickup hit some mailboxes when its steering wheel locked up, damaging the mailboxes, but the vehicle was still drivable to he drove home;

June 12: A vehicle accident was reported with three occupants, minor injuries and the vehicle on fire;

June 13: A Chevy Silverado reportedly took out a mailbox;

June 15: A two-vehicle accident with no injuries was reported; Another two-vehicle accident was reported with no injuries.

Animal Related: June 10: A bear was reported apparently hit by a vehicle but still alive; A County 33 caller complained about neighbors’ cattle on their property; A calf was reported outside the fence but not currently in the road; A County 18 caller found a dead bear on the side of the road; Two light-colored horses were reported out on the road;

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June 11: A Steamboat River Twp. caller reported an injured eagle; A Park Rapids caller reported a bear in their yard;

June 12: A patrol vehicle hit a deer while responding to a medical call;

June 13: A County 33 caller believed that a male staying at the trailer court had four dogs in his camper and a dog in a kennel that caller felt were not being properly cared for; A County 119 caller was concerned about their neighbor’s two “wolf dogs”;

June 14: A deer hit by a vehicle on U.S. Hwy. 2 was reported lying in a lane of traffic; An Akeley caller reported two dogs locked in a parked vehicle; A 129th Ave. caller reported a dead cow lying in a field;

June 16: A caller reported a deer needing to be dispatched on the side of the road.

Assaults/Harassment: June 10: A 139th Ave. caller reported her husband and brother-in-law were yelling at each other;

June 11: A facility in the Nevis area reported a client being verbally aggressive with their director; A Crow Wing Lake Twp. caller reported her son came to her home and was verbally very aggressive;

June 12: A County 39 caller reported a dispute occurring the previous night; A 200th St. caller reported a domestic issue during which someone killed a big white dog and left in a Chevy pickup;

June 13: A County 91 caller reported receiving texts from a neighbor, threatening to make false reports; A Lake Emma Twp. caller reported a family dispute and said their son was leaving the scene in a Dodge pickup; An Akeley Twp. caller reported a domestic issue;

June 14: A Straight River Twp. caller wanted a female removed from his residence due to a dispute or disturbance; An Akeley caller reported her 17-year-old son grabbed her arm, leaving a bruise, while she was taking away his video game console; A 344th St. caller said he was assaulted by his daughter, but he did not need medical attention, and also complained that she stole his medications;

June 15: A Farden Twp. caller requested officer assistance removing two males from her residence;

June 16: A State Hwy. 34 caller in the Akeley area reported someone was harassing him and threatening to post pictures of him online.

Burglaries/Theft: June 10: A Hubbard Twp. caller reported someone attempted to steal her boat awning; An Arago Twp. caller reported fraudulent activity on her debit card; A living room motion alarm was activated a Helga Twp. residence; A caller reported his wallet stolen with money and IDs inside;

June 11: A patio door alarm was activated on County 11; A County 37 caller reported someone apparently tried to break into her house during the night when she wasn’t at home; A County 18 caller reported the theft of gas cans;

June 12: A Farden Twp. caller reported the theft of a large canoe and three kayaks off a trailer on his property; A caller reported they had set up camp at a campsite and when they returned, it was taken down and someone else had taken the site, and caller noticed that some of their things were missing;

June 13: A business alarm was activated in Arago Twp.;

June 14: A Park Rapids business reported issues with a bad check written to them; A 119th Ave. caller reported their father’s residence was broken into during the weekend and caller was unsure what was stolen; A Lakeport Twp. caller reported a Publisher’s Clearinghouse scam, saying caller needs to buy a $505 Visa card to win a car; A 190th St. caller said his bank account is missing $3,000;

June 15: Several alarms were activated in Laporte;

June 16: A Hubbard Twp. caller reported the theft of a pontoon and a skid steer.

Fires: June 10: A County 18 caller reported a vehicle was on fire close to his house, but the fire had mostly gone out;

June 11: A County 19 caller reported a large brush pile on fire; A sawmill was reported fully engulfed in flame in Wadena County;

June 12: A fire alarm was activated on County 2 but no fire or smoke was reported; A 170th St. caller reported a fire behind their residence, close to the dwelling; A caller reported a large grass fire was mostly out but still smoking, and caller wanted it checked;

June 14: A Laporte caller reported their lawnmower was on fire; A bedroom hall smoke alarm was activated in Mantrap Twp.; A caller reported a small, smoking fire, 10 feet in size;

June 15: A small fire was reported in a highway median.

Medical: June 10: A medical alarm button was accidentally pushed when there was no emergency; An ambulance was requested on 190th St. for someone detoxing after a drinking binge;

June 11: An ambulance was requested on 229th Ave. for a male possibly having a heart attack; An ambulance was requested on County 24 for a female who had a seizure; An ambulance was requested on County 38 for a male having a seizure; An ambulance was requested on U.S. Hwy. 71 for a male having a complication from leg surgery;

June 12: An ambulance was requested on 115th Ave. for a 77-year-old female who fell and was not responsive or breathing normally; An ambulance was requested in Nevis Twp. for a 79-year-old female who fell and could not get up;

June 13: An ambulance was requested on County 93 for someone with Lyme disease who had a fever; A 97-year-old male suffered a hip injury on County 24, but a responder on scene requested no other responders; An ambulance was requested on County 9 for a semi-conscious male possibly having a blood clot issue; An ambulance was requested on 239th Ave. for a female having severe back pain and unable to move; A medical alarm was activated on 193rd Ave. for a male who fell in the kitchen; A caller requested a welfare check on their father on County 25; A lift assist was requested for an elderly Akeley male; An ambulance was requested in Nevis Twp. for a female described as very weak; An ambulance was requested on 170th St. for a male who hit his head and was not acting like himself;

June 14: An ambulance was requested at an Otter Tail County address by a male who wanted to make sure his 68-year-old wife was taken to the hospital in Park Rapids and not to the Tri-County Hospital; An ambulance was requested in Henrietta Twp. for a 78-year-old male who passed out and suffered a laceration near his eye;

June 15: An ambulance was requested on 145th Ave. for someone feeling nausea and pain in their abdomen and the left side of their body; An ambulance was requested in Lake George for someone with a possible broken hip; An ambulance was requested on 299th Ave. for a 54-year-old female in pain; An ambulance was requested in Nevis Twp. for a male who fell off the dock, hurt his ankle and was still in the water;

June 16: A medical alarm was activated in Lake Alice Twp. to request a lift assist.

Miscellaneous: June 10: A caller reported 6 to 7 protesters on site and was suspicious when one ran into the woods; Beltrami County reported a 911 misdial from 275th Ave. where a child was playing with an Apple Watch; A 129th Ave. caller reported a child custody issue; A caller requested officer assistance retrieving property on County 18 due to an order for protection; A caller requested officer assistance picking up his child’s medicine from his father-in-law on 110th St.; A 149th Ave. caller reported something like an explosion shook her house, but she did not see smoke or hear anything; An Akeley caller wanted to speak with a deputy about a paper that was served at their residence; A 300th St. caller was suspicious about three drones flying overhead;

June 11: An open-line 911 call traced to a State Hwy. 87 carried noise that did not sound like distress; A caller reported trespassers on his property; A resort check was requested on U.S. Hwy. 71; A resort check was requested in Lake George; A business check was requested in Nevis; Clearwater County reported a 911 caller from the Solway area who said she was fine, but didn’t sound fine; A 911 hang-up from an Arago Twp. location sounded like males in the background, talking and joking around;

June 12: A 300th St. caller reported suspicious activity by two drones; A caller reported he left his friend’s car at a location to take his friend to the hospital, and friend has now been transferred to a nursing home and does not want the car towed; A 129th Ave. caller reported a suspicious vehicle in her field, described as similar to a Subaru Outback; A 911 hang-up came from a County 95 location with no voicemail or identifying history; An Arago Twp. caller was suspicious about a Chevy pickup that drove into every driveway on their road around 2 a.m.; A caller said his cousin was concerned that her father was intoxicated and she wanted to be picked up in Crow Wing Lake Twp.; A Nevis caller reported someone shooting large fireworks near the lake; An Arago Twp. caller asked for a deputy to drive by, reporting lots of traffic with equipment;

June 13: A Rockwood Twp. caller came home to find a female trespasser sleeping on their couch, possibly under the influence; An AIS inspector reported an abandoned personal watercraft; A State Hwy. 200 caller reported a car abandoned in his driveway; A State Hwy. 34 caller reported a truck abandoned on his property; An administration area motion alarm was tripped twice in Laporte; A County 27 caller called 911 in Beltrami County, saying her phone keeps dialing 911 and she doesn’t know why; An Akeley caller had pictures of a vehicle trespassing in their yard;

June 14: An anonymous female, described as upset, wanted to speak to an officer but wouldn’t tell dispatch what was going on; A Clover Twp. caller reported a boat washed up on his shore a couple days earlier; An open-line 911 call from a U.S. Hwy. 71 had indiscernible sounds in the background; A Nevis Twp. caller complained about political signs; A landlord reported a tenant on 129th Ave. was acting strange, walking around taking photos of other residences and becoming unruly when confronted about it; An AIS inspector reported a personal watercraft came out of the lake and didn’t stop to be checked; An open-line 911 call carried the sound of indistinct talking in the background;

June 15: A County 36 caller reported their neighbor was lighting fireworks, drunk and hollering; A caller complained about irrigators spraying onto the road; A County 18 caller reported a gun was missing but she did not know for how long; A caller reported a Ford Mustang with two occupants trespassing at the pump station; A County 1 caller reported numerous issues with his mailbox being damaged; A Nevis caller reported someone acting weird in a store, drinking pop he didn’t pay for; An anonymous Nevis caller reported a male in swim trunks acting oddly, last seen driving toward Park Rapids; An Arago Twp. caller reported a neighbor trespassing and almost running over caller with a golf cart;

June 16: A Nevis Twp. caller complained about someone not coming to get his property; Officers escorted the track team out of town; Someone reported their watch called 911 by accident; A Laporte caller reported a male who walked into the bar and then into the cooler was “freaked out,” then left; A Farden Twp. caller wanted a ride to her sister’s house so that she could attend dialysis the next day; A County 36 caller described as “very upset” reported their neighbors were letting off fireworks, and caller said if this does not stop he will take care of it himself and probably end up in jail.

Traffic: June 10: A caller reported a lot of early morning traffic driving fast and erratically, specifically including a pickup, an SUV and a school bus; A vehicle was reported swerving across both lines multiple times; An older male was reported driving a golf cart on State Hwy. 64; A Chevy pickup was reported speeding up and down the road, tearing up gravel at the corner and turning circles in the roadway;

June 11: A watercraft inspection was reported in Todd Twp.; A boat check was reported on 230th St.; A floatable vehicle was reported entering Lake Belle Taine without being checked by AIS inspectors; A Hyundai was reported weaving across the road, almost hitting caller’s vehicle and driving between two vehicles; A camper was reported posing an obstruction at a boat landing; A caller reported a car they believed was driven by intoxicated minors; A Ford F-150 with an obscured plate was stopped;

June 12: An SUV was reported swerving all over the road in Lake George Twp., trying to turn onto a road and pulling onto a nearby driveway instead; An ATV violation was reported; An officer responded to an ATV; A boat trailer lost a tire in front of the Park Rapids library; A tree was reported lying across more than half of the roadway;

June 13: A K-9 assist was requested to track a suspect out of Mahnomen County; A Chevy Trailblazer was reported swerving all over the roadway and passing dangerously; A County 1 caller reported a Toyota speeding by their house with no hubcaps and no muffler, described as an ongoing issue; A State Hwy. 34 caller reported a truck swerving all over the road, speeding and passing unsafely; A road rage incident was described involving a male slamming on brakes, not letting someone pass, throwing coins out of their sunroof in an attempt to hit another vehicle and speeding away on U.S. Hwy. 71;

June 14: Routine boat and water patrol activity was reported; A boater unable to start his boat motor was reported drifting near the channel to Potato Lake; A caller reported debris from a semi tire on the roadway, causing a possible traffic hazard;

June 15: A van was reported blocking County 11 in front of the pipeline; A semi was reported running people off the road head-on, then pulling over; A caller complained about traffic going too fast on County 48;

June 16: A truck was reported swerving all over the road, into oncoming traffic a couple times, before turning in Akeley.