Accidents: May 24: A caller reported a vehicle went in the ditch while avoiding an animal, but there were no injuries and the car was to be towed later.

Animal Related: May 24: A caller reported a deer was hit by a car and was clear of the roadway; A deer hit by a vehicle was reported lying in the roadway;

May 25: A car was totaled when it hit a deer, but no occupants were injured; An officer responded to a dead bear that seemed to have been hit by a vehicle that went off the roadway, though no vehicles were on scene; A vehicle struck a deer and no occupants were injured, but the deer needed to be dispatched;

May 26: A County 40 caller complained about dogs running in the roadway; A light brown cow was reported standing in the roadway; A car hit a deer.

Assaults/Harassment: May 24: A 275th Ave. caller reported a property line dispute in which one neighbor was yelling at another;

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May 25: A Nevis caller reported a male was inside the business for three hours, was asked to leave and was now sitting in his vehicle outside the business; A 110th St. caller reported being attacked with a wooden shovel handle and said the attackers left on four-wheelers.

Burglaries/Theft: May 24: A front door alarm and a residential panic alarm were activated in Lakeport Twp.;

May 25: A detached garage motion alarm was activated in Henrietta Twp.; A visitors center/gift shop alarm was activated at Itasca State Park; A Thorpe Twp. caller reported a pontoon missing; A Park Rapids caller said he lent his vehicle to his child’s mother on May 22 and she was refusing to return it;

May 26: An exterior motion alarm was activated on County 40; A Hubbard Twp. caller reported a full tank of gas was siphoned from a pickup within the last couple of nights; A front door alarm and a dining room motion alarm were activated on 219th Ave.

Fires: May 25: A caller reported seeing smoke coming off an electric pole and a power outage; A caller reported a power outage and a small grove of evergreen trees catching fire.

Medical: May 24: A medical alarm was activated on 119th Ave. for a male who fell in the bathroom and needed help getting up; An ambulance was requested in Lake Emma Twp. for a 78-year-old female who fell, bruised her hip and injured her knee; A lift assist was requested for a male in Nevis Twp.; An ambulance was requested on 344th St. for a female who hurt her back while taking a trailer off a vehicle; An ambulance was requested in Nevis Twp. for a caller who was not feeling well; An ambulance was requested in Todd Twp. for a male showing signs of a possible stroke, including slurred speech;

May 26: An ambulance was requested in Nevis for a 56-year-old male having an allergic reaction to a steroid medication; An ambulance was requested on U.S. Hwy. 71 for a female lying on the ground near the roadway; A highly intoxicated male in Lakeport Twp. said he wanted to go to detox.

Miscellaneous: May 24: A County 30 caller reported a foster child broke out the windows of their car the day before; A 129th Ave. caller had questions for an officer about a person with a permit to carry; Officer assist was requested on 167th Ave.; A County 23 caller misdialed 911 when they bumped their phone while putting their dog in the car; Officer assist was requested on 179th Ave.;

May 25: A 165th Ave. caller complained about neighbors playing loud music that woke her up at 1:20 a.m.; A Long Lake caller complained about a swim raft placed approximately 150 yards off their shoreline; A business check was requested in Nevis; A County 33 caller wanted to speak to an officer about old ammunition he found while packing up a resort; A County 50 caller, whose mother was declining mentally due to dementia, requested advice about how to suspend her mother’s drivers license; A school walk-through was requested in Nevis; A 109th Ave. caller wanted to speak to an officer about a legal question; A 119th Ave. caller reported a trespasser on his property; A County 6 caller reported someone flagged them down asking for a tire iron, and caller became suspicious and drove on because they didn’t see a vehicle; A 161st AVe. caller was suspicious about a vehicle that parked by their neighbor’s home, then left;

May 26: An officer assisted seniors walking to a bakery in Nevis; A business check was requested in Nevis.

Traffic: May 24: A disabled station wagon was reported blocking a lane of traffic; A caller reported “tons of kids” driving recklessly on their road in the past, and requested extra patrol;

May 25: Officers checked out a couple vehicles parked on the side of the roadway with their hazard lights on; A County 25 caller requested additional patrol near her residence due to an ongoing issue with ATVs driving over her driveway approach at high speed; A Long Lake caller reported a 24- or 26-foot pontoon boat floated between his dock and his neighbor’s, and they tied it up.