Accidents: May 19: A single-vehicle rollover with a possible injury was reported;

May 20: A Hubbard County caller reported someone leaving their house backed into another vehicle in the driveway;

May 21: A County 4 caller reported a vehicle off the road; A caller said a five-gallon bucket fell off the back of a Ford F-150 and caller’s sister hit the bucket with her vehicle, which was now leaking fluid; A caller reported a Jeep off the roadway, looking like it had rolled at least once;

May 22: A deer needing to be dispatched was reported in a lane of traffic;

May 23: A County 45 caller said his neighbor’s dogs were in his yard during the weekend and dug through his trash, leaving it all over his yard.

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Animal Related: May 13: A Nevis Twp. caller reported a bear had been in the area for a few weeks and kept tearing down their bird feeder; A caller reported a deer hit by a vehicle, still alive in the ditch near 154th St.; A Nevis Twp. caller reported getting a text that someone found her missing cat, but when she called back she got a busy signal and feared that if she texts back, it will turn out to be a phishing scam;

May 14: A Nevis Twp. caller reported an ongoing issue with dogs barking;

May 16: An Akeley Twp. caller reported a Lab-setter mix with no collar on her property; A State Hwy. 34 caller in the Nevis area found a dog but was unable to reach the suspected owner; A Farden Twp. caller said their neighbor’s dog comes over to attack caller’s dogs;

May 17: A caller said a puppy was on the football field during a Nevis School field day and caller asked for someone to come and get it;

May 18: An Itasca State Park caller reported a bear and two cubs rummaging through trash; A caller reported cattle on the roadway; An Akeley Twp. caller reported a stray dog in his yard; A County 30 caller reported animal abuse;

May 19: A County 18 caller requested assistance getting a cat out of a tree;

May 20: A Lake Emma Twp. resident said a neighbor told her there were fox pups in her window well and caller was concerned for her safety; A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller, who runs a daycare at her home, reported a nuisance dog that killed 15 chickens in the last two days and bit caller’s dog;

May 22: A Hubbard Twp. caller reported a stray Lab-mix dog around his residence; A 500th St. caller reported a lost golden retriever and said that someone posted it on the web under Bemidji Lost Animals and when caller contacted them, the dog had been released to someone else.

Assaults/Harassment: May 13: A Laporte caller reported a social media issue;

May 15: A County 97 caller said their son was out of control, pounding on the floor;

May 16: A County 3 caller reported someone with past violence issues kept coming over and wouldn’t leave, and caller said she tried to run caller over with her car; A County 9 caller reported an out-of-control 12-year-old throwing and breaking things; A County 18 caller reported an ex-husband showed up intoxicated and pushed his wife, and threatened to shoot any officers who showed up;

May 17: A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller said he bought a car from a female but there was a dispute over the property title, caller wanted the vehicle back, and female was threatening to “have a bunch of guys come over and beat him up”;

May 18: A Todd Twp. caller reported threats being forwarded through Instagram;

May 19: A 139th Ave. caller reported someone dropped off a male who was smashing things with a crowbar;

May 20: A Park Rapids caller said she was being harassed via social media; A Park Rapids caller reported receiving death threats over a civil matter; A caller said she was assaulted on Sept. 24, 2020; A County 86 caller reported receiving threatening texts from a female;

May 21: An Akeley caller said her husband yelled ather at approximately 4 a.m.; An Akeley caller reported receiving a harassing letter from an Iowa resident; A caller on reported a group of juveniles a bike trail yelling “Stop it and get away from me”;

May 23: An Akeley caller said a friend was scared to go home because her boyfriend keeps driving past her house.

Burglaries/Theft: May 13: A County 81 caller reported a 100 lb. gas tank stolen from her cabin;

May 14: A 500th St. caller reported a tire swing stolen from a park; A 275th Ave. caller reported a possible Publishers Clearinghouse scam;

May 15: A caller reported the theft of 400 gallons of fuel from all the machines at a pipeline site; A Mantrap Twp. caller reported they signed a job with “Odd Job Guys” to do some work on their house and paid him, but he has not been back; A business alarm was activated at CHS Prairie Lakes on County 48;

May 16: A 420th St. caller reported a catalytic converter stolen off his truck, and said the thieves also tried to take the tires; An Akeley caller reported someone hacked her Facebook account, created a PayPal account and may have obtained some of caller’s personal information;

May 18: A Walker area caller reported a possible theft; A County 9 caller reported a $51.30 gas drive-off;

May 19: A County 38 caller reported the catalytic converter was cut out of her car; A garage alarm was activated on County 38;

May 20: A Lakeport Twp. caller reported a snowmobile trailer stolen during the winter;

May 21: An Akeley caller reported a $37.66 gas drive-off; A County 95 caller suspected the theft of a package she ordered last month;

May 22: A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller in the Menahga area reported a Mazda Protege was stolen out of his driveway;

May 23: High school hall door and administration area motion alarms were activated in Laporte; A Farden Twp. caller reported his Chrysler Concord was stolen.

Fires: May 13: An Akeley caller reported smoke alarms were going off but they didn’t see or smell any smoke;

May 15: An anonymous caller reported someone was burning, but they weren’t sure if it was firewood in a ring or bigger than the current 3x3-foot guidelines; A caller reported an apparent ditch on fire, about 200 square feet, within 150 yards of a residence; Front door and smoke detector alarms were activated in Arago Twp.; A caller reported a ditch fire spreading quickly; A caller said one of his workers saw smoke by an intersection and requested an officer to check it out;

May 16: The DNR requested assistance with a brush fire;

May 17: A State Hwy. 34 caller in the Osage area reported fire through the roof;

May 18: An Akeley caller reported a fire in the grill;

May 19: A Mantrap Twp. caller reported someone dumping barbecue briquettes in the woods and caller was concerned they would start a fire;

May 20: A Park Rapids area caller reported a large grass fire with a house nearby;

May 23: An Akeley caller complained about unsupervised yard debris burning, and caller was concerned the fire would get out of control.

Medical: May 13: An ambulance request for someone who fell off a machine was transferred to Beltrami County;

May 14: An ambulance was requested in Crow Wing Lake Twp. for an 83-year-old female having stomach cramps and throwing up; An ambulance was requested on 380th St. for a 10-month-old child choking on potting soil; A medical alarm was activated on County 16 for female who needed someone to dress a wound on her toe;

May 15: An ambulance was requested on 354th St. for a 56-year-old female having chest pains and shortness of breath; An ambulance was requested in Straight River Twp. for a 55-year-old female who was weak, throwing up and having an esophagus issue; An ambulance was requested on County 38 for a female battling COVID-19, having extreme shortness of breath; An ambulance was requested in Guthrie Twp. for a male who fell on his face, possibly suffering from heat stroke;

May 16: An ambulance was requested on County 48 for an elderly male with back problems;

May 17: An ambulance was requested for a Laporte male who was having trouble breathing and shortness of breath;

May 18: An ambulance was requested on County 19 for a female having trouble breathing;

May 20: An ambulance was requested in Nevis Twp. for a male who fell and couldn’t get up; An ambulance was requested in Arago Twp. for a 50-year-old male who had a seizure;

May 21: An ambulance was requested for a female who fainted with heat stroke but was awake again;

May 22: An ambulance was requested on County 37 for a 77-year-old female with food poisoning; An ambulance was requested in Clover Twp. for a male having chills and shortness of breath; A medical alarm was activated at a 269th Ave. residence; An ambulance was requested at the Beltrami County line for a male with severe back pain; An ambulance was requested on County 13 for a 60-year-old male having a seizure; An ambulance was requested in Park Rapids for someone having shortness of breath and tightness in chest; An ambulance was requested on State 113 for a male who had a seizure and was not alert and had trouble breathing and a faint pulse;

May 23: A 911 hang-up call from County 9 had an older female on the phone and an older male in the background, begging her not to call 911 and saying that he could make it to the car; An ambulance was requested on 229th Ave. for an elderly female possibly having a stroke; An ambulance was requested on State Hwy. 64 for a female who was attacked by a cow and sustained injuries to the right side of her body.

Miscellaneous: May 13: Beltrami County dispatch reported an apparent 911 misdial from a 219th Ave. female who said she was fine; A 219th Ave. caller reported vandalism; A Nevis caller reported a suspicious male asking for money in a parking lot; A County 39 caller wanted to speak to an officer about retrieving a vehicle from his estranged wife; A caller requested extra patrol for her mother’s house in Todd Twp.; A Farden Twp. caller believed she could hear people in her husband’s residence while he was incarcerated;

May 14: A 119th Ave. caller reported someone trespassing on their in-laws’ property on an ATV; A caller who accidentally dialed 911 while placing their phone in a cup holder while camping said everything was OK, and was transferred to Wadena County; An officer assist was requested on U.S. Hwy. 71; A caller claimed they paid for a storage unit for a year, but the unit’s owner said they were only paid through July 19, 2020 and they placed a lock on the unit, denying access to the renter; A 911 hang-up came from Steamboat River Twp.; An Akeley Twp. caller reported a someone with a hearse-shaped vehicle with a black-and-white American flag pulled a beaver dam that created a pond where caller kept minnows;

May 15: An Akeley caller was suspicious about their phone being monitored; A County 36 caller reported a sedan, possibly a Toyota Corolla, hit a neighbor’s mailbox while speeding, then took off; An open-line 911 call from County 9 sounded like movement in the background, but dispatch was unable to reach the caller on callback; A Farden Twp. caller reported their intoxicated brother left on foot after an argument, but he came back; A caller misdialed 911 while electric biking, and said everything was OK; A Farden Twp. caller reported her landlord came over while intoxicated and demanded that she leave, then drove away in a Ford Escape; A caller misdialed 911 and said everything was fine; A 911 hang-up caller, when called back, said she misdialed while trying to change the volume on her phone and everything was OK; A 911 hang-up caller on 390th St. did not answer when called back; A County 37 caller misdialed 911 from a broken phone and said everything was OK;

May 16: A caller said a student needed a ride home from the Nevis post-prom event but couldn’t reach their mother; A Straight River Twp. caller reported people had been partying all night and were still being loud at 7 a.m.; A Hubbard Twp. caller reported a paddle boat drifting in Long Lake; A County 33 caller had questions about retrieving property; Motorist assist was requested for a Chevy truck pulling a camper; Beltrami County transferred a County 93 caller who said she was sitting outside her husband’s house in Tenstrike, where her ex was refusing to give her the kids; Pine Manor reported a female on a civil commitment through Cass County left detox in a Chevy Suburban or GMC Yukon; A 911 call came from an intoxicated male having fun around a fire on County 93, saying there was no emergency; A K-9 assist was requested in Park Rapids; A Nevis Twp. caller reported kids out on a boat after 11:30 p.m., shining on the lake to fish; A Straight River Twp. caller complained about people playing music all night with a lot of bass, described as an ongoing issue;

May 17: A 167th Ave. caller reported someone beating on their door; A 165th Ave. caller reported a pickup trespassed on their property for a second time and caller told them to go away; A Clover Twp. caller complained about noise from a nearby address all weekend and late into the nights; An open-line 911 call was silent for five seconds, then a female answered the phone and when dispatch said this was 911, she hung up, and a male answered when called back and said the phone calls when abruptly shaken; A 374th St. caller heard knocking on the door and believed it was her brother, who was not supposed to be on the property, and caller said items were moved and there was evidence of a campfire the previous night;

May 18: A Lake George Twp. caller was suspicious when a neighbor’s boat motor randomly started, ran for 15 minutes, then shut off but there were no lights on when caller drove by; A Nevis caller reported child custody issues; A caller reported suspicious activity by a neighbor; A Hendrickson Twp. caller reported her tires were all slashed while she was parked at a campsite; A caller wanted a welfare check on a friend in the Benedict area but wasn’t sure where to find him; A 159th Ave. caller reported their cell phone missing from their vehicle since May 17; A 139th Ave. caller reported a parking complaint; A 460th St. caller had questions about right-of-way access to water; A caller reported hearing two gunshots close to her house and was concerned for the safety of livestock on the property;

May 19: A business check was requested in Nevis; A County 13 caller reported child custody issues; A caller requested officer assistance regarding someone who was staying at a Farden Twp. address when they shouldn’t be there; A Farden Twp. caller reported a vehicle was by the access near the campsite all day, occupied by an unknown male and female;

May 20: A business check was requested in Nevis; A Hubbard caller wanted to speak with an officer about a family member not sharing information with her about her brother; A Farden Twp. caller was suspicious of a large, expensive motorhome parked in a neighbor’s driveway, believing it to be stolen; A State Hwy. 64 caller misdialed 911; A female with an open 911 line said she did not feel safe but would not provide any further information; A male was arrested on 344th St. for a probation issue; A 173rd Ave. caller was suspicious about a Ford Taurus that was parked on his private property, and was now parked on the side of the road, with a female occupant who appeared intoxicated; A caller wanted to speak with a deputy about his children, reporting that he had concerns and questions because his ex was involved in an arrest on May 10 in Hubbard County; A school walk-through was requested in Nevis; A caller misdialed 911; A Nevis caller complained about a pickup with a flag that had profanity on it; A Henrietta Twp. caller reported custody issues with her ex-husband and his current wife not allowing her to pick up the child; A K-9 officer assist was requested at the county jail;

May 21: A caller misdialed 911 while working; A U.S. Geological Survey caller said someone keeps tearing up the ground near their ground surveying machines; A 911 hang-up caller in Crow Wing Lake Twp., when called back, said he misdialed 911 while doing yard work; A 911 hang-up caller did not answer when called back; A Becker County caller wanted help registering her name to some items that might be installed in Hubbard County; A County 39 caller said his mailbox was removed and thrown in the ditch, and caller said this seems to happen every year and said they have pictures; A 911 hang-up caller, when called back, said it was a misdial and there was no emergency; A County 6 caller reported a 15-year-old was in her mother-in-law’s garage smoking cigarettes and was now believed to be biking 13 miles to get home;

May 22: An open-line 911 call from 291st Ave. had engine sounds in the background, and upon callback the caller said it was a misdial; A 911-hang-up caller did not answer when called back; A State Hwy. 87 caller complained about an unknown male using a metal detector on a private beach; A State Hwy. 34 caller in the Park Rapids area reported a motorist accidentally locked their dog in a vehicle; A Rockwood Twp. caller reported a lot of activity by approximately 20 people, ages from late teens to 30s, at the sandpits on County 118; An open-line 911 caller from Lake Emma Twp. did not answer when called back; An AIS boat inspector said a male with a pontoon refused inspection and said he would come back when she is no longer on scene; A caller heard gunfire and believed it was too close to residences; A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller in the Lake George area reported hearing 23 gunshots near his residence; An officer checked out a suspicious vehicle on U.S. Hwy. 71 in the Lake George area;

May 23: A caller in the Menahga area requested officer assist regarding his ex wife, who was at his house and would not leave; caller requested officer assistance retrieving property from a previous residence in Rockwood Twp.; Resort checks were requested on in Todd Twp., on County 89 and on County 40; Another resort check was requested on County 40; Two resort checks were requested in Lake Emma Twp.

Traffic: May 13: An extended-cab truck was reported driving on the wrong side of the road and swerving all over the road; A caller reported a Dodge Ram swerving and almost side-swiping another vehicle; A vehicle was stopped while racing out of Park Rapids;

May 14: A Nevis Twp. caller had questions about placing a buoy in the water to keep personal watercraft away; A caller reported a large rock in the middle of the road, and caller said their camper had two flat tires and other vehicles also hit the rock; A Toyota Camry with no plates was reported driving recklessly in the opposite lane, southbound into Hubbard County; A Chevy truck pulling a trailer was reported swerving all over the road; A motorist requested help with a tow;

May 15: An ATV violation was reported in Akeley; A caller reported their camper lost a tire and they were a traffic hazard;

May 16: An SUV or truck pulling an ATV was reported crossing the fog line and the centerline multiple times; Boaters were warned for having no life jackets, throwable flotation aids or fire extinguishers on board; A suspected drunk driver pulling a boat was pulled over;

May 17: An officer assisted with a stalled vehicle;

May 18: A motorist assist was requested;

May 19: An officer assisted with a vehicle on the side of the road; Officers assisted with traffic control for the Nevis School 5K run; A County 2 caller reported someone obstructing the road approaches for the ATV trail; A semi was reported swerving all over the road;

May 20: A County 33 caller complained about a semi jake-braking in front of his residence;

May 21: A caller reported an erratic driver swerving all over the road for at least 10 miles; A boater was warned for carrying no horn or whistle and no fire extinguishers; A County 23 caller reported 6-8 four-wheelers tearing up the road and racing each other; An ATV was stopped;

May 22: A GMC pickup with a topper was reported going 75 mph, swerving from fog line to centerline and passing unsafely; Assistance with traffic control was requested for someone who was pulling a disabled vehicle; A caller reported a gravel truck kicked a rot into her windshield, leaving a crack; An officer assisted a motorist; A 500th St. caller reported two kids on BMX-style bikes without helmets, interfering with traffic; A County 91 caller reported a large group of ATVs apparently racing toward the Paul Bunyan State Forest; A Ford Fusion four-door was reported passing unsafely; A caller reported five boys walking and said one of them about 15 years old lay in the middle of the road, then jumped out in front of caller;

May 23: A vehicle was reported passing in a no-passing zone; An officer assisted a motorist in Laporte; Motorist assist was requested in Becker County for a Ford F-150 whose battery was dead.