Accidents: May 8: A two-vehicle crash was reported;

May 9: A two-vehicle accident with at least two people injured was reported on County 14.

Animal Related: May 6: A 200th St. caller reported their dog had been missing since May 5; A caller reported hitting a bear cub and wondered if he could take possession of it;

May 7: A caller reported hitting a bear and said she is OK, the vehicle is OK and the bear may still be alive; A 209th Ave. caller reported cows were out; A caller reported a deer in the middle of the road, needing to be dispatched; A caller hit a bear cub and reported no damage to the vehicle, and caller believed the bear ran off;

May 9: A County 86 caller found a year-old female husky wearing a black harness; A car hit a deer on County 18, and there were no injuries, but caller didn’t know if the deer was still alive and caller believed the car was undriveable.

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Assaults/Harassment: May 6: A 374th St. caller reported getting harassing messages from some family members, but caller did not make much sense;

May 7: An open-line 911 call from Henrietta Twp. had a male voice yelling profanities at a female; A Henrietta Twp. caller said she was being harassed by her ex-husband; A 219th Ave. caller reported social media fraud, claiming someone opened dating profiles in her name and now people were contacting her;

May 8: An Akeley caller reported father-daughter domestic issues.

Burglaries/Theft: May 6: A County 13 caller reported a wireless trail camera stolen from their property; A State Hwy. 34 caller reported her mail was stolen; A Todd Twp. caller believed someone broke into their house within the last two hours, saying the trim around the door was pulled away;

May 7: A Nevis caller reported a $76.65 gas drive-off occurring around 5 p.m. on May 6; A U.S. Hwy. 2 caller said an ex-friend had possession of four of his firearms and refused to return them; A residential garage motion alarm was activated in Lake Emma Twp.;

May 8: A Farden Twp. caller reported a catalytic converter stolen during the night; A caller reported the theft of a diamond ring after she moved out of a County 86 residence;

May 9: A Clover Twp. caller reported someone had their debit card information; A garage motion alarm was activated in Lake Emma Twp.

Fires: May 6: A basement carbon monoxide alarm went off in Todd Twp., and caller requested no lights or sirens; A County 9 caller reported a fire smoldering under their trailer;

May 9: A Clay Twp. caller reported a structure and brush fire; A Henrietta Twp. caller reported a roof on fire.

Medical: May 6: An ambulance was requested on County 9 for someone having back pain and unable to move;

May 7: A medical alert button was pushed in White Oak Twp. but there was no voice contact; An ambulance was requested on 470th St. for an 86-year-old who fell and hit her head; An ambulance was requested in Mantrap Twp. for a male possibly having a heart issue;

May 8: A lift assist was requested in Todd Twp.; An ambulance was requested in Lake Emma Twp. for a female who fell earlier, fainted again and was now throwing up;

May 9: An ambulance was requested in Lake Emma Twp. for a female who was having difficulty breathing; A lift assist was requested in Akeley Twp.

Miscellaneous: May 6: A Mantrap Twp. caretaker reported seeing a trespasser on camera, described as a repeat offender; An open-line 911 call was received; A Laporte caller requested officer assistance at the softball field, saying her ex-husband was there and he kept grabbing the kids; A female on a commitment through Cass County left Pine Manor during a shift change and it was unknown what she was wearing and whether she was walking or got a ride; A

May 7: A County 33 caller reported a group of minors drinking; A report of 5-6 gunshots was transferred to Beltrami County; A County 16 caller wanted to speak to a deputy about the laws regarding shooting after dark; A 911 hang-up caller, when called back, said she did not dial 911 and there was no emergency; An open-line 911 call had no concerning sounds in the background and when called back, caller said it was a pocket dial and there was no emergency; A Lake Emma Twp. caller reported a male at the Deer Lake laundromat on May 5 was asking caller some rather personal questions; A 911 hang-up caller in Lake Emma Twp., when called back, said it was an accident and apologized, then said she appreciated knowing someone would answer and admitted it was a “little bit more than an accident” but everything was fine; A 169th Ave. caller said it was a misdial but might have been crying, and caller told someone in the background that they had to leave before hanging up; A White Oak Twp. caller reported a neighbor’s gate looked like it had been rammed, describing it as “all bent up” with one pole missing;

May 8: A County 4 caller said he possibly heard someone and his dog started barking, but when he turned on his outside lights he didn’t see anyone but he wanted the property checked out; A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller reported damage to a Caterpillar; A 911 hang-up caller, when called back, said there was no emergency and she must have bumped the button on her phone; A County 18 caller found a large knife under the camper steps and said no one there was claiming it, and caller didn’t want to touch it until told to do so by law enforcement; Information about a 911 misdial was passed onto Becker County; A State Hwy. 226 caller reported a male came in the back of the business and threatened caller’s wife; A County 25 caller said they were scared of the staff at the group home, did not feel safe there and wanted to be taken to emergency housing; A 470th St. caller wanted to speak with a deputy about child custody issues;

May 9: A Lake George caller was suspicious about a hitchhiker.

Traffic: May 6: Officer assistance was requested for a Pontiac Grand Am that broke down; An officer stopped for a pickup and trailer that were blocking the roadway; A large bundle was reported in a lane of traffic, described as looking like a tarp wrapped around garbage; Officer assistance was requested for a tractor trailer on the side of the road; A caller reported a vehicle with no tailgate, traveling at various speeds, almost hitting caller and going into a ditch; A possibly intoxicated driver was reported driving at fluctuating speeds and crossing the lines;

May 7: An officer assisted a motorist; A caller reported being passed by an SUV at high speed; A caller reported vehicles tearing up the road;

May 8: A Leech Lake Reservation caller reported a vehicle traveling east in the westbound lane; A caller reported a driver passing unsafely and speeding; A car was reported passing in a no-passing zone;

May 9: A Subaru was reported swerving all over the road, en route toward the county line; A small car was reported driving at extremely high speeds.