PLYMOUTH, Minn. -- A student is in custody after firing a handgun into a ceiling Monday morning, April 26, inside Plymouth Middle School.

Police Chief Erik Fadden told reporters that officers heard “gunshots within the building” at 8:44 a.m.

No one was hurt, he said, and officers did not use force to take the student into custody.

A school resource officer who works at the middle school responded right away, Robbinsdale interim superintendent Stephanie Burrage said.

“We had someone who was here on site who was able to assist us immediately,” she said.

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Burrage said the shooter is a student at the school.

A few students witnessed the shooting, which took place in a hallway outside a bathroom, she said.

The school went into lockdown soon after the shooting, and parents who wanted to pick up their children were asked to gather at nearby Armstrong High School.

Under state law, a student who brings a gun into a school is to be expelled from school for at least a year, unless the school board decides otherwise.

Plymouth is a Twin Cities suburb, located about 15 miles west of downtown Minneapolis, with a population of about 78,000.