Animal Related: April 15: A County 4 caller requested someone to dispatch a deer in her front yard; A caller at the Beltrami County line reported a deer that needed dispatching; A deputy hit a deer with his squad car;

April 16: A caller found a dog with no collar, full of porcupine quills;

April 17: A 110th St. caller reported an aggressive German shepherd came after his wife, and caller shot at it and might have hit it; A 420th St. caller complained about dogs in their yard.

Assaults/Harassment: April 16: A County 4 caller reported a female was screaming behind his house like she was being attacked;

April 17: A Todd Twp. caller said his 11-year-old son was hit in the nose in an assault or fight, and it appeared to be broken; A 175th Ave. caller wanted to speak to an officer about someone putting dog feces on his handicap ramp.

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Burglaries/Theft: April 15: An Arago Twp. reported an unemployment scam; A Lake George caller reported fraudulent activity on her bank account; A 129th Ave. caller reported fraud;

April 16: A motion alarm was activated on 219th Ave.; A $20 gas drive-off was reported in Nevis; A duress alarm was activated in Akeley; A Helga Twp. caller reported fraud; A Schoolcraft Twp. caller reported mail-delivered medication was taken off their porch; A 346th St. caller reported someone fraudulently filed 2018 taxes for her.

Fires: April 16: A Nevis caller reported a female smokes by oxygen tanks, and caller was concerned this could cause an accident and wanted the tanks removed.

Medical: April 15: A lift assist was requested for a male on 309th Ave.; An ambulance was requested on State Hwy. 34 in the Park Rapids area for a female having a seizure; A lift assist was requested on 309th Ave.; A County 38 caller requested an ambulance for a male en route to caller’s home who reported chest pain, left arm pain and high blood pressure;

April 16: An ambulance was requested on County 40 for a large, elderly male who fell; An ambulance was requested in Todd Twp. for a female who passed out and regained consciousness but was not responsive, possibly due to a stroke;

April 17: An ambulance was requested in Farden Twp. for a female who was in pain all over and having difficulty breathing;

April 18: An ambulance was requested on County 39 for a female suffering stomach pain from a hernia; An ambulance was requested on 480th St. for a female with a heart condition who passed out and had blood in her mouth; A push-button medical alarm was activated on 390th St. and there was no voice contact with the subscriber.

Miscellaneous: April 15: A 230th St. caller reported issues with a vehicle she purchased; An officer requested assistance for someone who was remanded from the court in Park Rapids; Beltrami County reported a 270th St. resident sent a text to 911 and said she accidentally hit the emergency button on her watch; A realtor had questions about parking on a road off Long Lake and possibly having no-parking signs put up;

April 16: A 119th Ave. caller caught someone on camera trespassing on their property, driving recklessly and tearing up newly graded roads; A Todd Twp. caller reported his ex-wife took their daughter when she was not supposed to, in violation of a court ordered, and was currently at the residence retrieving property;

April 17: A County 33 caller reported loud bass from nearby since about 2:45 a.m., saying caller could feel the vibrations but not hear the music; Officer assistance was requested to retrieve property on County 39; A Straight River Twp. caller wanted to speak to an officer about a custody issue and a possible welfare check; A Nevis caller wanted to speak to an officer about a client who was returning to their program; An abandoned vehicle was reported;

April 18: A 275th Ave. caller reported his ex-wife, with whom he still lives, wants him to leave and caller wanted to speak with an officer; A Lake Emma Twp. caller was suspicious about a vehicle that had been parked on an approach on his property for over an hour.

Traffic: April 15: A County 44 caller reported a parking complaint; An officer was waved down by a male looking for directions;

April 16: An older Dodge was reported swerving all over the roadway, crossing the centerline almost to the opposite ditch; A Ford F-150 with a topper was reported swerving all over the road; A Chevy Suburban with expired tabs was stopped; A caller complained about a car, possibly a Cadillac, speeding by them;

April 17: A vehicle with a temporary tag was stopped; A male flagged an officer down on State Hwy. 34; A caller reported a banner obstructing their view of traffic;

April 18: A Mazda two-door was reported driving erratically, speeding up and slowing down, crossing the centerline and going all the way to the edge of the roadway.