Accidents: April 14: A Becker County deputy came upon an accident with no injuries.

Animal Related: April 12: A deer hit by a semi was reported still alive in the roadway; A squad vehicle hit a grouse while responding to an emergency call in Nevis;

April 13: A caller reported a wounded deer in the ditch;

April 14: An injured deer was reported in a lane of traffic, needing to be dispatched; A 219th Ave. caller reported a stray dog on their step, whimpering and shivering but seeming to growl when caller opened the door; A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller claimed a puppy mill owner was abusing dogs; A jogger was bitten by an unsupervised dog on 500th St.

Assaults/Harassment: April 12: A Mantrap Twp. female reported being assaulted by a male;

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April 14: A County 19 caller reported an unknown black truck harassing and stalking them.

Burglaries/Theft: April 12: An Akeley caller reported someone tried to break into her vehicle during the night;

April 13: A Todd Twp. caller reported a UPS package was stolen from his residence;

April 14: A 210th St. caller reported a suspected scam call from someone claiming to be an agent with the U.S. Treasury; A caller at the Beltrami County line suspected fraud upon receiving a letter saying unemployment was opened in her retired husband’s name; A Fern Twp. caller said his friend was very upset with him and caller was scared that he might come and hurt him.

Fires: April 12: An alarm company reported a smoke detector was tripped on County 24;

April 13: A garage fire was reported on County 119.

Medical: April 12: A lift assist was requested on 309th Ave.; An ambulance was requested on 185th Ave. for a male who was unconscious and not breathing, but regained consciousness and started breathing again; An ambulance was requested on County 18 for a male who passed out and went in and out of consciousness;

April 13: A medical alarm was activated on 129th Ave. and alarm company was unable to reach the subscriber; An ambulance was requested for a 24-year-old female who has sweating and having vision issues; An ambulance was requested in Henrietta Twp. for a female believed to have had a seizure;

April 14: An ambulance was requested in the Two Inlets area for an 87-year-old female who passed out and was losing blood; An ambulance was requested on 150th St. for a 94-year-old male who fell and couldn’t get up; An ambulance was requested on 270th St. for a male having severe, shooting back pain; An ambulance was requested in Park Rapids for a COPD patient who couldn’t breathe; A lift assist was requested on County 40 for a male with a prosthetic leg who fell and who possibly had the flu.

Miscellaneous: April 12: A County 33 caller complained about loud music coming from across the lake at 2:20 a.m., saying he can hear the bass inside his house and it’s an ongoing issue; A County 33 caller reported loud bass from across the lake woke him at 5:45 a.m.; An officer checked on a suspicious, occupied car that had been stopped on County 9 for a couple hours;

April 13: A 110th St. caller reported a neighbor was walking around on her property, causing the horses to go crazy, and caller said her husband was outside talking to him out of her line of sight; A 911 hang-up caller did not answer when called back, but dispatch left a voicemail; A 911 caller on County 9 said it was a misdial and hung up;

April 14: A 911 hang-up caller from County 93, when called back, said she pressed the emergency button but there was no emergency; An open-line 911 call from Hubbard Twp. had no concerning sounds, and when called back, caller said it was a misdial and there was no emergency; The Laporte School principal reported three students walked away from school grounds; A County 93 caller reported child custody exchange issues with the mother of his children; A school walk-through was requested in Nevis; A male was arrested on a probation violation on County 19; A 911 hang-up caller from Nevis Twp., when called back, said it was a misdial and there was no emergency; A 911 misdial was attributed to caller’s phone acting up; The occupant of a silver car reportedly shot a firearm toward a pond.

Traffic: April 12: A car was reported swerving all over the road, slowing down to let caller pass, then flying by them again;

April 13: A 119th Ave. caller reported very loud vehicles driving up and down the road constantly for the past two days; A County 18 caller reported a side-by-side and a four-wheeler were stuck and caller believed they were driving without permission on private property; A 323rd Ave. caller reported ATVs were tearing up the road and caller’s driveway.