Accidents: Jan. 10: An unoccupied Dodge 1500 was reported in the ditch;

Jan. 13: A car reportedly left the roadway and went into the ditch and trees, and caller did not know if there were injuries but said chainsaws would be needed;

Animal Related: Jan. 8: A County 16 caller complained about a neighbor’s dog barking all the time for its whole life; A County 39 caller reported hitting a deer and said caller was fine, but the car was smoking and they didn’t know where the deer was;

Jan. 11: A caller reported five horses running down the roadway; A caller said they hit a deer and kept driving, but they weren’t sure if the deer needed to be dispatched;

Jan. 13: A Todd Twp. caller reported a missing hound with two collars;

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Assaults/Harassment: Jan. 7: An assault was reported; A County 109 caller reported harassment, and it seemed an order for protection hadn’t been served; A County 86 caller reported threats;

Jan. 11: A Hubbard caller said she was threatened by the father of her children;

Jan. 12: A Hendrickson Twp. caller reported being threatened by a male via Facebook;

Jan. 13: An Akeley caller reported a violation of an order for protection;

Burglaries/Theft: Jan. 7: A 175th Ave. caller reported a scam;

Jan. 8: A County 6 caller reported her ex stole a laptop and some files from her vehicle;

Jan. 10: A Henrietta Twp. caller said a male approached them saying his snowmobile had broken down and he came in to use caller’s phone, and now caller’s husband’s wallet was missing; A shed door alarm was activated in Helga Twp.;

Jan. 11: An Augusta, S.C. caller reported that an unknown person fraudulently acquired a Minnesota driver’s license in his name;

Jan. 12: A County 18 caller reported receiving a scam call about their grandson being in trouble, and caller gave the scammer the name of their bank; A 275th Ave. caller believed he was being scammed because he was being sued for an accident in 2019 that he wasn’t involved in; A RockwoodTwp. caller said her employer alerted her that someone had filed for unemployment under her name; A Farden Twp. caller reported steel stolen sometime during the last two weeks;

Jan. 13: A County 36 caller reported the theft of car keys and a Bluetooth device;

Fires: Jan. 9: A caller reported a fire in a field, approximately the length of a football field;

Jan. 10: A 480th St. caller reported a neighbor was burning something that maybe they shouldn’t, because it smelled horrible; A Guthrie Twp. caller reported a garage door on fire;

Jan. 13: A Park Rapids caller reported they were burning today;

Medical: Jan. 7: A County 25 caller requested officer assistance when he couldn’t get out of bed, complaining that his arm hurt and no one was coming to help him; A medical alarm was activated on 193rd Ave. for a male who fell and needed help getting up; A medical alarm requested a lift assist in Nevis Twp.; A ambulance was requested on 257th Ave. for recent heart surgery patient who was now having chest pain;

Jan. 8: An ambulance was requested on 139th Ave. for a female having severe abdominal pain for the past 12 hours;

Jan. 9: An ambulance was requested in Akeley for a female with COPD having difficulty breathing;

Jan. 10: A medical alarm was activated on 235th Ave.;

Jan. 12: An ambulance was requested on County 29 for a female who was sick and had a low blood oxygen reading;

Jan. 13: An ambulance was requested on County 95 for someone having difficulty walking and blurred vision;

Miscellaneous: Jan. 7: There were multiple 911 hang-ups from a County 33 location where attempts to call back went straight to voicemail; A Laporte Twp. caller wanted to speak to a deputy about an abandoned trailer across from her property; An officer assist was requested at Walmart; A Laporte caller reported a suspicious vehicle pulled into the neighbor’s driveway, hit the concrete block retaining wall and left; A caller had questions about retrieving her personal items from a former residence on County 9;

Jan. 8: A 911 hang-up caller reported that she sat on her purse and that may have caused her phone to misdial; A Hubbard Twp. caller thought her house was flooded because someone pushed snow up against it; A County 13 caller reported a child custody issue; A State Hwy. 64 caller reported someone had a snow fence across their driveway, and caller didn’t think it was legal but if they do it, she would too; A Hubbard Twp. caller wanted officer advice about getting his truck back; A report of an open door in Lake George was canceled by the homeowner;

Jan. 9: A caller requested assistance retrieving items from a County 86 residence; A Todd Twp. caller said his carrying gun went missing and he didn’t know where he had lost it; A Nevis Twp. caller misdialed 911 while trying to shut their phone off;

Jan. 10: An officer assist was requested about a snowmobile in the ditch with a helmet nearby, whose rider may have walked away;

Jan. 11: A County 13 caller said he was court-ordered to have his daughter today but her mother wouldn’t allow him to get her; A 105th Ave. caller was suspicious about a four-door sedan on the landowner’s property; A County 2 caller reported ongoing issues with a male trespassing on her property; A caller requested an escort to send off their grandma in Bemidji; A State Hwy. 87 caller reported a suspicious vehicle; An ordinance violation was reported regarding two vehicles at a park; A 152nd St. caller wanted to speak with a deputy about his soon-to-be-ex-wife making allegations against him;

Jan. 12: A highly intoxicated male in Lakeport Twp. called 911, making no sense; A Todd Twp. caller whose vehicle was stolen and recovered wanted an officer to search it for drugs or paraphernalia; County 3 caller was suspicious about a plane circling very low over his timber sale land and the pipeline; A caller requested assistance retrieving property from an old friend’s residence on County 33, after a falling out;

Jan. 13: A K-9 assist was requested in Park Rapids but the K-9 officer was not used; A 911 call at the Beltrami County line was explained as a misdial due to the caller pressing his phone’s power button too many times; A County 9 caller had questions about people who did not return all her property; A County 36 caller reported someone went through her vehicle during the night; A County 13 caller reported a child custody issue; A caller reported an abandoned, broken-down vehicle on a hill, causing a traffic hazard; A Schoolcraft Twp. caller complained about littering; A County 39 caller asked that political signs not be removed; A Mantrap Twp. caller misdialed 911 while trying to enter a credit card number; A business check was requested in Nevis;

Traffic: Jan. 7: A Thorpe Twp. caller reported a motor vehicle on a snowmobile trail; A Ford Focus with no plates was stopped; A vehicle was reported traveling in the wrong lane with flashers on; A vehicle with an obstructed plate was stopped in Akeley;

Jan. 8: A Big Sand Lake caller reported a snowmobile complaint; A car was reported going west in the eastbound lane;

Jan. 9: A caller reported a lot of glass in a lane of traffic; A vehicle was reported swerving all over the road; A Chevy Impala was reported weaving all over the road, and its two occupants kept reaching into the backseat;

Jan. 11: Motorist assist was requested; A caller requested assistance for a Chevy Impala parked on the side of the road, described as fogging up a lot;

Jan. 12: Motorist assist was requested; Two vehicles were reported street racing;

Jan. 13: A vehicle moving a house was reported as a traffic hazard; A Chevrolet was reported swerving all over the road, at times into oncoming traffic; A caller reported two Hondas racing;