Here are some fun, funny and weird incidents selected from the Hubbard County dispatch blotter in 2020.

Animal-Related: Jan. 17: A caller reported two donkeys walking down the road;

Feb. 4: A Hubbard Twp. caller reported a large chocolate lab came in through his doggy door and upset his smaller dogs;

May 16: A County 32 caller reported a pig running down the road and now running up caller’s driveway;

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June 5: A County 13 caller reported a black and brown goat was in his garage, wearing a collar but too skittish to approach;

Aug. 26: A County 45 caller reported a skunk in the garbage with a jar stuck on its head;

Aug. 30: A State 226 caller reported she had her neighbor’s dog again and was going to take it home, but wanted to call it it in because there were issues last time she took it home;

Sept. 7: A County 16 caller requested fire department assistance getting her cat down from a high tree;

Sept. 8: A caller reported an alpaca was going back and forth across the road; A State Hwy. 34 caller reported a shepherd and a lab walked into his shop, and caller yelled at them and they left, going east;

Sept. 11: A caller reported a black and white pig walking around the area;

Sept. 14: A 354th St. caller reported a pelican in the area that “doesn’t look quite right”;

Oct. 17: An Akeley caller reported a dog missing since last night, described as a female Chiweenie with a bad back leg, no tags but chipped and wearing a diaper;

Dec. 3: A caller reported hitting a deer and believed their bumper was still in the roadway, but was unsure where the deer was.

Burglaries/Theft: Aug. 14: A 110th St. caller said he bought a horse for $3,200, but the horse was no good, so the horse was returned but the money wasn’t;

Miscellaneous: Jan. 11: A child at a 320th St. address dialed 911 and asked what time it was, and would not put an adult on the phone;

Jan. 15: A caller complained about their neighbors slamming doors;

Feb. 5: A 911 hang-up was traced to a 500th St. address where, on being called back, a female said her husband told Google to call 911 because of a show they were watching, and caller said they were fine;

May 9: A 911 hang-up caller, upon callback, said everything was fine and that his dog licked his phone and it called 911;

June 8: A Nevis caller was suspicious about a male seen wearing a purple wizard suit, hat and staff while drinking liquor on a deck in front of a store;

July 10: A Nevis Twp. caller asked to speak with an officer, saying a neighbor’s tree fell onto caller’s pontoon and, due to a restraining order, they cannot talk to them;

July 24: A hard-to-understand caller mentioned Dilworth and Hubbard posting something, cursed at dispatch, was very rude and hung up;

July 27: A Park Rapids Hugo’s employee reported a male knocking merchandise down in the store, and a second caller from the parking lot said he was entering vehicles unwelcomed and climbing on them;

Aug. 4: A 911 caller said she willingly got into a truck that was supposed to take her to North Dakota, but the male driver drove to a friend’s cabin in Farden Twp. where he and three other people have been highly intoxicated since July 29;

Aug. 18: A caller reported a strange object that had been hovering in the sky for some time;

Aug. 21: A County 18 caller reported their 3.5-year-old son locked himself in the car with the air conditioner running;

Aug. 31: A County 95 caller reported a naked man running through the yard;

Sept. 6: A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller reported hearing loud pops in the middle of the night, and finding burn marks on her driveway in the morning;

Sept. 15: A State Hwy. 87 caller reported a naked man at a swimming area;

Sept. 28: A U.S. Hwy. 2 caller reported a suspicious male outside the gate, claiming to have a flat tire and giving a State Trooper “some attitude,” and caller was concerned that when Trooper leaves the male would scale the fence;

Oct. 12: A County 25 caller wanted to set up a meeting to help explain to a resident that he shouldn’t call 911 for non-emergency reasons and that penalties may be levied if he continues to do so;

Oct. 24: A County 80 caller explained that his wristwatch accidentally dialed 911;

Oct. 29: A State Hwy. 34 caller was suspicious about a clown in light-colored clothes, possibly a full clown costume, walking west on the north side of the road;

Oct. 30: A Laporte caller complained about lights left on in the library and said that is “stealing taxpayers’ dollars”;

Nov. 2: A County 36 caller was suspicious about a male walking around in their front yard in a blanket;

Nov. 4: A Lake Emma Twp. caller, saying he was not intoxicated or on drugs, reported a multicolored object hovering and shining a light toward the ground south of Little Sand Lake.

Traffic: Jan. 16: A Laporte caller reported a car doing donuts in the school parking lot;

July 13: A County 38 caller reported a large microwave oven in the channel, posing a boating hazard;

July 15: A caller reported a driver tearing up and down the roadway, spinning donuts and scaring the cattle;

July 16: A Nevis Twp. caller accused a neighbor of tearing up the roadway intentionally in an apparent attempt to create speed bumps;

Aug. 10: A caller reported a vehicle swerving all over the roadway, with the driver possibly eating a Blizzard;

Aug. 20: A caller reported someone was changing a tire in the middle of an intersection while four people stood around with cell phone lights;

Nov. 22: A caller who was riding a bicycle around 4 a.m. complained about the snow making things slippery;

Dec. 2: A caller reported a pickup stopped in his driveway and an elderly male got out and stumbled down the road, asking caller if he’d missed the road to Guthrie before leaving, and caller was unsure whether he was intoxicated or had a medical condition.