Accidents: June 26: An ambulance was requested at Itasca State Park for a bike accident near Douglas Lodge whose victim was bleeding from the head and neck; A Park Rapids caller reported their vehicle was hit by another vehicle that left the scene;

June 28: A caller reported his boat was hit by a pontoon, but the craft were no longer on the scene.

Animal Related: June 25: A caller reported 12 cows on a bike trail; A County 3 caller wanted a possession tag for a deer hit near her house;

June 26: A dead deer was reported in a lane of travel; A Nevis Twp. caller complained about a barking dog; A caller reported a deer needing to be dispatched on the side of the road; A caller reported hitting a deer that was still alive;

June 28: A caller reported coming across a car-vs.-deer crash scene with two kids in the car.

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Assaults/Harassment: June 25: A County 23 caller reported a possible physical domestic assault involving a female in the back of a truck and a dispute over a child; A State Hwy. 87 caller reported a female in adult foster care being verbally abusive; A 110th St. caller reported being threatened by two males who were racing up and down the road; A Straight River Twp. caller was upset that his wife was there, then reported that she left;

June 26: A caller reported a domestic issue that occurred in Akeley; A Hubbard caller said he could hear his neighbors having a domestic issue; A 239th Ave. caller reported a male having a mental break and assaulting his father.

Burglaries/Theft: June 26: A County 37 caller said her cabin’s front door alarm went off and she canceled it with the alarm company, but she couldn’t reach a couple cousins who might be there, so she wanted it checked out; A County 23 caller reported a possible theft of money;

June 27: A County 36 caller reported her grandson stole her vehicle; A back door lobby motion alarm and an addition back door alarm were activated in Akeley; A Farden Twp. caller reported the theft of a bicycle; A County 9 caller reported both license plates stolen;

June 28: A 190th St. caller reported the theft of a boat from a garage.

Medical: June 25: An ambulance was requested on State Hwy. 87 for an elderly male possibly having a heart attack; An ambulance was requested on 315th Ave. for a male who was on the floor and couldn’t get up;

June 26: An ambulance was requested on County 45 for a female who was dizzy, shaking and throwing up; An ambulance was requested on 120th St. for an elderly male who fell and was bleeding from the nose; An ambulance was requested in Lake Emma Twp. regarding diabetic issues, reporting blood sugar 351;

June 27: An ambulance was requested in Thorpe Twp. for someone who had significant leg cramps upon waking, vomited and possibly fainted but who didn’t remember the event; An ambulance was requested in Lake Emma Twp. for a 91-year-old female who passed out; An ambulance was requested in Rockwood Twp. for an employee who passed out in the bathroom and vomited, who had an angiogram and a cardiogram on June 26 and now had a migraine;

June 28: An ambulance was requested on County 4 for a female with a broken or dislocated shoulder.

Miscellaneous: June 25: A 160th St. caller wanted to ask an officer what he can do about fields being sprayed with chemicals that make him sick; A probation violation was reported in Park Rapids; A caller reported a suspicious male who got into the water with all his clothes on and was standing watching the park, making children’s parents uncomfortable; An Akeley Twp. caller requested officer assistance in a property dispute; A Lake Emma Twp. caller had questions for an officer about evicting renters; A County 23 caller had questions for an officer about a vehicle that was towed a couple months ago; A caller was suspicious about an old Ford pickup that had been sitting at a stop sign for about 20 minutes; There were two 911 hang-ups;

June 26: A business check was requested in Nevis; A County 30 caller reported his mailbox was damaged and a big orange sandbag was left in his driveway, and that neighbors’ mailboxes were also damaged; A Fish Hook Lake caller reported a paddle boat with a cover floated up on their shore; A White Oak Twp. caller reported damage to her yard by a septic company that was working on her neighbor’s septic system; A caller reported they could hear fireworks going off; There were nine 911 hang-ups;

June 27: An Arago Twp. caller wanted to know who owns a boat that was on the wrong dock for two weeks; Two resort checks were requested in Lake Emma Twp.; A resort check was requested on County 24; A County 39 caller reported hearing two loud explosions; A 480th St. caller reported neighbors shooting off large fireworks; A 14-year-old male texted “Hi” to Beltrami County on the text-to-911 system but when called back, the boy’s grandma said everyone was OK; A Big Sand Lake caller was very angry about constant fireworks; There were 10 911 hang-ups;

June 28: A business check was requested in Nevis; A 275th Ave. caller said she was being harassed by a drone flying over her house at 12:30 a.m. and almost landing on her roof; A 382nd St. caller reported damage to his windshield; A County 38 caller reported a dispute between an ex-employee and employer; A caller was suspicious about two men fishing from his neighbor’s dock and getting into the back of the boat, while caller believed the neighbors were not at home; A boat inspection issue was reported in Lake Emma Twp.; A caller reported an apparently unoccupied and undamaged sedan parked on the side of U.S. Hwy. 71 in Guthrie Twp.; A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller had video footage of someone backing into one of his poles; A caller reported a personal watercraft curfew violation and said the noise was affecting his fishing; There were five 911 hang-ups.

Traffic: June 25: A Lester Lake caller reported they tipped their canoe over and were unable to get the water out, and were going to head back to the access;

June 26: A caller reported she had been following a weaving Chevy Camaro with no license plate since Detroit Lakes, and call was passed onto Becker County; A caller reported a car swerving all over the road, apparently because the driver missed a turn; A van was reported swerving all over the road; Motorist assist was requested for a Chevy Avalanche with a boat that ran out of gas on the side of the road; A caller reported a Cadillac Escalade driving erratically;

June 27: A caller reported someone putting big logs across ATV trails; A vehicle was reported sitting in the middle of the road with a male reclining in the driver’s seat; A caller had questions about a personal watercraft that was constantly on the lake, jumping waves; A 110th St. caller complained about ATVs driving fast on the roadway and in her driveway; A driver complained about running radar; A boat violation was reported;

June 28: Officer assistance was requested for a female who was walking; Officer assistance was requested regarding a group of campers that totally blocked a lake access; An SUV was reported passing on the right shoulder; A vehicle, possibly a Ford Focus, was reported weaving in and out of traffic and seemed unable to stay in the lane; A boat and water violation was reported; A caller reported a reckless driver drove caller off the road; A caller reported a motorcycle passed him at high speed traveling north out of Park Rapids on U.S. Hwy. 71; A vehicle was reported swerving all over the road.