Accidents: Feb. 7: An unoccupied vehicle was reported off the road;

Feb. 8: A vehicle rollover was reported in Park Rapids.

Animal Related: Feb. 4: A County 16 caller requested officer assistance when she was unable to open a frozen door to let her dog inside; A Hubbard Twp. caller reported a large chocolate lab came in through his doggy door and upset his smaller dogs; An injured deer was reported on the side of the road, needing to be dispatched;

Feb. 9: A caller wanted a roadkill deer possession tag for a dead deer in the ditch.

Assaults/Harassment: Feb. 3: A Helga Twp. caller said her husband was posting threats on his Facebook page and leaving her messages in violation of a court order;

Feb. 4: A State Hwy. 34 caller received a suspicious, handwritten letter described as threatening in nature;

Feb. 7: A Farden Twp. caller reported he was being harassed by a female on Facebook Messenger;

Feb. 8: A disturbance was reported in Park Rapids.

Burglaries/Theft: Feb. 3: A Henrietta Twp. caller reported theft by check; A State Hwy. 34 caller reported three locks cut off his storage units;

Feb. 5: A A residential back door motion alarm was activated on County 1;

Feb. 6: A cabin breakin was reported in Hart Lake Twp.;

Feb. 7: A distress alarm was activated at a bank in Nevis; A 452nd St. caller reported a breakin at their house; A back door alarm was activated on County 1, and when contacted in Arizona the owner said he didn’t want anyone to respond;

Feb. 9: An Akeley gas station reported someone pumped $51 in fuel and told clerk he forgot his wallet and would be back to pay later that day, but 24 hours had passed and customer did not return.

Fires: Feb. 5: A 109th Ave. caller reported a nearby trailer house on fire.

Medical: Feb. 3: An ambulance was requested on 161st Ave. for a 4-year-old having a seizure; An ambulance was requested in Lakeport Twp. for a male on the floor having hip pain, possibly due to a pinched nerve; An ambulance was requested on 193rd Ave. for a male with a burning sensation in his chest;

Feb. 4: An ambulance was requested on County 48 for a female who fell and was conscious and alert, but could not get up; An elderly male activated a medical alarm on 193rd Ave. and said he fell and could not get up; An ambulance was requested on County 12 for a female recently released from the hospital;

Feb. 6: A lift assist assist was requested for a male on 193rd Ave.;

Feb. 7: An ambulance was requested in the Cass Lake area for a female 20 weeks pregnant having severe back pain for two hours; An ambulance was requested in Nevis for a male who was weak;

Feb. 8: An ambulance was requested in Nevis regarding weakness and stomach pains lasting a couple days.

Miscellaneous: Feb. 3: An Akeley Twp. caller was suspicious about a Ford F-150 with a toolbox sitting on their road; Officer assist was requested regarding property at an unknown location; Officers attempted to locate a person with a warrant out of Polk County; Officers assisted Minnesota State Patrol; A probation officer requested an officer to arrest someone in his office; A probation violation was reported in Park Rapids; Beltrami County dispatch transferred a call about a suspicious male walking near the Paul Bunyan Animal Land, but the call was referred back to Beltrami County;

Feb. 4: Dispatch received two simultaneous 911 calls from an unknown location; A student left the Laporte School without permission; An unknown adult male was reported wandering around, talking to himself and apparently impaired near the Park Rapids schools; A 911 open-line call came from the Nevis High School gymnasium, and there was no answer but a sporting event could be heard in the background;

Feb. 5: An officer checked out an open door in Akeley; A caller reported a pile of trees pushed up in a vacant lot with a propane tank apparently rigged to heat the shelter, and caller suspected someone was squatting on the property; Officers assisted the Minnesota State Patrol with a pursuit; A 911 hang-up call came from a number that provided Phase 1 location information only, and was not answered when called back; A Straight River Twp. caller whose phone does not have a SIM card dialed 911 to talk to a deputy about a landlord-renter dispute; A 911 hang-up was traced to a 500th St. address where, on being called back, a female said her husband told Google to call 911 because of a show they were watching, and caller said they were fine;

Feb. 6: A Park Rapids caller reported an SUV swerving all over the road; An agency assist was requested regarding a Ford Ranger; A school walk-through was requested in Nevis; Officers assisted Leech Lake tribal police with a traffic stop;

Feb. 7: A Hart Lake Twp. caller requested a residence check, as his neighbor had a recent breakin; A K-9 detail was requested in Park Rapids; A Park Rapids caller was suspicious about an occupied Toyota on a snowmobile trail; A 911 hang-up was traced to 450th St., where dispatch called back and caller said everything was OK; A child custody issue was referred to Becker County; A 911 call was transferred to Beltrami County; An officer patrolled a sporting event in Nevis; A Nevis caller was suspicious about kids walking around and standing outside in the cold;

Feb. 8: A female walked away from Pine Manor inadequately dressed for the weather; Agency assist was requested in Park Rapids for a male lying on the ground by a store;

Feb. 9: A 911 call dropped before dispatch could answer, and when called back, caller said it was a misdial and there was no emergency; Officers in Park Rapids were flagged down by a male pedestrian; A Park Rapids gas station reported a male attempting to get into a customer’s vehicle, and clerk was scared of him and said he was acting strange; Dispatch advised Beltrami County of an accidental 911 call from a Bemidji address; An open-line 911 call occurred; An Arago Twp. caller caught snowmobilers trespassing on his land; A caller reported hearing someone screaming on 229th Ave.

Traffic: Feb. 3: Motorist assist was requested for a vehicle that broke down;

Feb. 4: Officers assisted the Minnesota State Patrol with a traffic stop;

Feb. 5: A County 33 caller complained about a semi truck jake braking;

Feb. 7: A Cass Lake area caller complained about casino vans blowing through a stop sign; A snowmobiler was warned for failure to display proper registration; A snowmobiler was cited for improper registration; A Chevrolet Equinox was reported driving fast and swerving all over the road; A caller reported someone driving without a license;

Feb. 8: Officers assisted with a truck that lost a load of lumber; A snowmobile violation was reported; A snowmobile with no trail sticker was reported; A snowmobile was cited for failure to display current North Dakota registration;

Feb. 9: A probation officer requested a deputy to do a preliminary breath test at Zorbaz; A driver reported being almost run off the roadway by a truck that was passing him; Motorist assist was requested.