Accidents: Oct. 4: A caller reported that an old Dodge pickup driven by a male hit the back of caller’s vehicle; A Ford Fusion was not drivable after hitting a deer.

Animal Related: Oct. 3: A caller reported cattle on the roadway; A County 7 caller complained about a husky always coming to her house;

Oct. 4: A deer was dispatched on County 33; A County 7 caller wanted a possession tag after a vehicle hit a deer; A County 33 caller reported their ex has caller’s dog and won’t give it back;

Oct. 5: A caller reported driving past a County 91 residence within the last couple weeks and seeing about 50 horses in very bad condition; A caller reported 10 cows in the roadway;

Oct. 6: A caller reported three horses loose; A 474th St. caller wanted to speak to an officer about a neighbor’s dog in her yard; A 109th Ave. caller complained about an ongoing issue with a dog tearing up garbage and killing another chicken.

Assaults/Harassment: Oct. 3: A 269th Ave. caller had questions for an officer about a harassment restraining order;

Oct. 5: A Mantrap Twp. caller reported prank calls and other issues with a group of girls.

Burglaries/Theft: Oct. 3: A door motion burglar alarm was activated in Park Rapids; A Lake Emma Twp. caller reported they gave personal information to a scam caller;

Oct. 4: A Lake Emma Twp. reported multiple unauthorized charges on a credit card; A County 12 caller reported giving money to a scam; An Akeley Twp. caller reported theft from a locked garage within the last week; A laundry room motion alarm was activated in Lake Emma Twp.;

Oct. 6: A front door alarm was activated in Lake Emma Twp.

Medical: Oct. 4: An ambulance was requested at Itasca State Park for someone in respiratory distress; A Hubbard Twp. female requested lift assist via a medical alarm;

Oct. 5: An ambulance was requested in Arago Twp. for a 73-year-old diabetic male who had blurred vision and was throwing up for three days;

Oct. 7: An ambulance was requested on U.S. Hwy. 71 regarding a possible heart attack.

Miscellaneous: Oct. 3: A business check was requested in Nevis; A caller reported being alerted via security cameras that someone was on his Straight River Twp. property, when no one should be there; A school walk-through was requested in Nevis;

Oct. 4: A 170th St. caller was suspicious about two pickups sitting in a parking lot; A female in Park Rapids flagged down an officer for assistance; A caller was suspicious about a vehicle seen with its lights on during perimeter checks around 12:30 a.m. and again at 3:18 a.m.; A caller found a boat along the creek that appeared to have been there for a couple years; A business check was requested in Nevis;

Oct. 5: A caller requested officer assistance dropping off a wood splitter on 285th Ave., saying it needed to be documented; A caller requested officer assistance ensuring that a 169th Ave. residence was secure ahead of a family member’s arrival; An Akeley Twp. caller wanted to meet with an officer to make sure the key to the premises was still in the lock box; A Farden Twp. caller said a third party reported a neighbor called them distraught and asked them to call 911; A 170th St. caller reported a music complaint;

Oct. 6: A Mantrap Twp. female wanted a male removed from her residence; A caller reported finding an abandoned car; A caller had questions about picking up property on County 93; A Mantrap Twp. caller reported a box of mail and garbage in the roadway with someone’s name on it; A Todd Twp. caller reported a noise complaint.

Traffic: Oct. 5: A County 40 caller reported a couple bales of hay in the roadway; A caller wanted to know the rules about riding dirt bikes in ditches next to county roads; A Guthrie Twp. caller reported a popple tree across the road, saying they had to drive into the ditch to get around it;

Oct. 6: A motorist requested assistance; A State Hwy. 200 caller reported a distracted driver favoring the center of the road and swerving to the fog line.