Accidents: Sept. 18: A squad vehicle hit a fox and sustained front-end damage.

Animal Related: Sept. 16: A 115th Ave. caller complained about dogs on her property; A caller reported hitting a deer, which was still in the roadway, and caller requested a possession tag;

Sept. 17: A County 19 caller reported an injured bear needed to be dispatched;

Sept. 18: A dead deer was reported in a lane of traffic.

Assaults/Harassment: Sept. 16: A County 6 caller requested a deputy’s help removing her daughter and son-in-law from her residence;

Sept. 17: A County 50 caller said he placed “No ATVs allowed” signs on his property line, and now a neighbor was driving by on an ATV yelling obscenities at caller;

Sept. 18: A Henrietta Twp. facility reported a female resident being aggressive, throwing things, swearing, and knocking items over toward other residents; A Farden Twp. caller reported a dispute between the landlord and caller’s neighbor.

Burglaries/Theft: Sept. 16: A County 48 caller reported identity theft; A shed alarm was activated; A commercial burglary alarm was activated in the Becida area;

Sept. 17: A residential panic alarm was activated in White Oak Twp.; A shop building motion alarm was activated;

Sept. 18: An employee at a County 89 business found a counterfeit $50 bill while going through the previous night’s deposits; A caller said his brother was at caller’s cabin on County 6 and reported someone had stolen caller’s pickup.

Fires: Sept. 16: Fire and medical alarms were activated in Nevis Twp.

Medical: Sept. 16: An ambulance was requested for a Lake George female with a possibly dislocated hip; An ambulance was requested for a 73-year-old Nevis male who was light-headed and having stomach issues; An ambulance was requested in White Oak Twp. for a 58-year-old female having trouble breathing;

Sept. 17: An ambulance was requested on County 12 for a female possibly having a stroke; An ambulance was requested in Akeley for a male who was lightheaded and dizzy; An ambulance was requested on County 93 for an 84-year-old female who fell; An ambulance was requested on State Hwy. 64 for an 83-year-old female who passed out and regained consciousness with slurred speech; An ambulance was requested on 309th Ave. for a 69-year-old diabetic male who fell;

Sept. 18: A 109th Ave. caller had pictures of damage done by an ATV to the radio controlled flyers’ airfield; An ambulance was requested in Todd Twp. for a female having an asthma attack.

Miscellaneous: Sept. 16: A Park Rapids caller was suspicious about a vehicle driving very slowly and then pulling over; A Cass Lake area caller was suspicious about a vehicle pulled over halfway in the ditch, saying the occupants didn’t seem to be acting right; A caller wanted an officer to get his phone number to his grandmother in Nevis Twp.; Officer assistance was requested on 380th St.;

Sept. 17: A County 95 caller reported a vehicle abandoned in a game refuge with the front end smashed;

Sept. 18: A Laporte caller reported multiple juveniles in possession of vaping devices; A County 93 caller reported a suspicious vehicle pulled out of caller’s driveway, possibly after casing his residence; A Nevis Twp. caller requested assistance picking up her property from an estranged relative’s residence; A school walk-through was requested in Nevis; The probation office needed a male picked up from their location.

Traffic: Sept. 16: An Akeley caller reported a truck hauling a fifth-wheel camper with stuff draining out of it; A caller reported that a Ford F-150 almost ran her off the road; An Akeley caller reported a driving complaint; A driving complaint was passed on; A Lake Belle Taine caller reported two males on standup personal watercraft went through the narrows at high speed and were last seen heading out into the big lake; A vehicle parked on the shoulder near a passing lane in Arago Twp. was reported as a traffic hazard;

Sept. 17: A motorist assist was requested;

Sept. 18: A caller reported hitting bricks that were on the road, and said roadway was cleared of the hazard.