Accidents: Sept. 14: A minor, two-vehicle accident was reported in Nevis;

Sept. 15: A U.S. Hwy. 71 driver reported putting her car in the ditch to avoid a semi that was making a wide turn.

Animal Related: Sept. 12: A 470th St. caller reported a neighbor’s dog attacked her dog and the neighbor was uncooperative; A caller reported a deer in the roadway needing to be dispatched, then said the deer had died and caller would pull it off the road;

Sept. 13: An injured turkey was reported obstructing a lane of U.S. Hwy. 71 in Lake Alice Twp.; Three black and white cows were reported loose on the roadway; An injured deer on the shoulder of the road was reported needing to be dispatched; Two pigs were reported running out onto the highway; A black calf was reported outside its fence; A caller reported deer in the roadway;

Sept. 15: A County 41 caller reported hitting a horse they did not see in the fog; A Helga Twp. caller reported that a neighbor’s dog came into their yard and killed their chickens.

Assaults/Harassment: Sept. 12: A 170th St. caller said the family of the respondent of her order for protection has been contacting her, attempting to remove property; A family dispute situation was reported in the Bemidji area;

Sept. 14: Officers responded to an apparent dispute on County 13; A caller reported that a female would not leave his home, saying he just moved there a couple days ago and doesn’t want to cause problems, but he had just left the home and wanted to go back without her there;

Sept. 15: A Todd Twp. caller reported a physical domestic incident and harassment/stalking by caller’s ex-girlfriend; A County 6 caller said a male threw her to the ground.

Burglaries/Theft: Sept. 12: Battery cables were cut and batteries were reported stolen out of equipment on U.S. Hwy. 2; A Hubbard caller reported three uninstalled windows were stolen out of her porch; A Bemidji area caller said his bank account was hacked and $904 was fraudulently removed;

Sept. 13: A County 4 caller was concerned that he may not be paid for his work repairing an auger for a skid steer;

Sept. 14: A commercial burglary alarm was activated on County 9; A County 50 caller said her ex-boyfriend stole her vehicle;

Sept. 15: A fish house door alarm was activated in Lake Emma Twp.

Fires: Sept. 15: A 175th Ave. caller complained about someone burning garbage south of the Hubbard ball fields; Park Rapids Fire Department was the primary agency responding to a structure fire in Becker County.

Medical: Sept. 12: An ambulance was requested in Nevis Twp. for an elderly male possibly having a stroke; An ambulance was requested on 344th St. for a male who fell and hurt his hip;

Sept. 13: An ambulance was requested on County 113 for a male who fell and complained of shoulder and hip pain; An ambulance was requested at the Wadena-Hubbard county line for an 85-year-old female who passed out and whose breathing was very shallow; An ambulance was requested in Akeley for a female having trouble breathing;

Sept. 14: An ambulance was requested in Todd Twp. for a 94-year-old male who fell and hit his head, and complained of having neck pain and being unable to stand; An ambulance was requested on County 40 for someone who was injured on a zip line, possibly fracturing an ankle; An ambulance was requested on U.S. Hwy. 2 for a 3-year-old female with no history of seizures having a seizure, with her lips turning blue;

Sept. 15: An ambulance was requested in Akeley Twp. for an elderly male who fell; An ambulance was requested on County 6 for an 82-year-old male having chest pains, feeling dizzy and fading in and out of consciousness.

Miscellaneous: Sept. 12: A bail bond company requested officer assistance attempting a warrant pickup on 150th St.; A County 3 caller was suspicious about a vehicle parked for a considerable amount of time by a pipeline construction storage area; A caller complained about people camping at a public access; A school walk-through was requested in Nevis;

Sept. 13: A County 4 caller reported that a male who appeared fearful ran through caller’s yard and claimed he was being chased; A 500th St. caller reported an unknown male sleeping in caller’s camper; A County 40 caller reported issues with their mail; A wallet was found in the parking lot of the Hilltop Restaurant in Hubbard; A school walk-through was requested in Laporte; A bicycle was found on the side of the highway; A 167th Ave. caller thought someone was snooping around in their yard;

Sept. 14: An officer checked out a suspicious vehicle County 13; A Lake Emma Twp. caller was suspicious about an SUV parked on a dead-end road, possibly occupied, which the caller found highly unusual; An unoccupied four-door car was reported in the ditch; A County 13 caller reported his mailbox was vandalized during the night; A Helga Township director passed along multiple complaints of a large campsite set up in a field with lots of trash around and people coming and going all night; A Big Stony Lake caller reported a boat washed up in front of their residence; A Laporte caller reported a male walking down the roadway carrying a shotgun; An Akeley Twp. caller said his neighbor cut his fence and removed fence posts on an 80-foot stretch of caller’s property; A caller reported large explosions in the area and wished they would stop; Pine Manor reported that a male who was not on a hold walked away from the facility after being there less than 12 hours; A County 81 caller reported a vehicle off the roadway with the lights on, engine off and no one around; The emergency room requested officer assistance contacting a surgeon at his residence;

Sept. 15: An AIS inspector requested assistance with a parked SUV whose vehicle alarm was activated multiple times; A male requested officer assistance retrieving his vehicle from a 170th St. residence; A Laporte caller was suspicious about five or six loud booms or explosions she heard behind her residence; A County 14 caller reported issues with someone running over his extension cord and wanted them pulled over on their way into town.

Traffic: Sept. 12: A Ford Focus was reported swerving all over the roadway; Motorist assist was requested;

Sept. 13: A Chevy pickup was reported swerving all over the road with one headlight burned out, almost causing a head-on collision; A downed tree was reported across a road;

Sept. 14: A possibly intoxicated driver was reported driving at fluctuating speeds and swerving all over the roadway; A Bemidji area caller complained that vehicles belonging to people attending a funeral were parked on the roadway, causing a potential traffic hazard; A caller in a Bemidji ambulance complained about the pickup in front of them swerving all over the roadway;

Sept. 15: A Farden Twp. caller complained about a Ford Mustang racing up and down the road; An Akeley caller reported a Chevy Silverado swerving all over the road.